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One perk of running your own business from home is that if you strongly believe in homeschooling, you can run your homeschool like a business, and your children learn how to be entreprenuers. It's a win-win.

When Ultimate Bundles asked us to participate as a Bonus Partner for the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle, we were ALL IN. We absolutely love to encourage parents to homeschool and were happy to give a bonus gift to the purchasers of the bundle. See what it's about here.

We wanted to go the extra mile and not just support homeschoolers, but we wanted to share our own experiences as well.

Here's a Zoom call we had with Kerry, MadeOn's manager, and some of our customers:  


Kerry's perspective:

Homeschooling was NEVER something I wanted to do. 

Seriously!! I’m sure many of you can relate!! Right? 

When I first started, it was simply because I was out of options. I had 2 kids on the spectrum, (which they couldn’t diagnose back then - 23 yrs ago), and everything about public school triggered them: the noise, crowded classrooms, the school bus, ect. 

Private school was too expensive. 

Homeschooling was my LAST option. 

Fortunately, God stepped in, and said, “I got you!” And He absolutely did for my 15 year homeschooling journey!!!

I graduated my last child from our homeschool high school 8 years ago. WOW!! Just WOW!

When I started there were a handful of curriculums, and no internet!! Can you even imagine??!! We had a computer though!! ;) My local support group was my lifeline, and ultimate go-to resource.

When Renee asked me if I would take a look at the new Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle, I was like, “Uh, ok……” As I started to look at all the resources in the Bundle, my excitement started to build! Oh, the possibilities! I can’t EVEN imagine how much easier it would have been having a resource like this back then!!

There is something for every age group, several unit studies, printables galore! Even some resources for Mom & Dad. 

Not gonna lie, there were a couple of courses in there that I might try!!! 

Don’t judge me!! 

The best gift I received, in my 40’s mind you, was a learn-how-to knit book for kids. :D My aunt was embarrassed that all she could find was a kids how-to-book, but it was PERFECT!! After 40 years, I was finally able to learn how to knit! Who knew?! That being said, I may be taking the E-course “My Awesome Life: Photoshop for kids”, by Jessica Sprague. During the course she’ll show your child,(or grandmother), the workings of Photoshop CC or Photoshop Elements as you create an awesome scrapbook together! This is a GREAT opportunity to give your child a jump-start in photography, technology, Photoshop, design, and online learning, taught by a pro.

Who knows, maybe I’ll create a book about my Chicken Palace! 

Some other top picks:

1.) The “Unit Study Planner”, by Betty Boiron in The Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle 2021 is a great tool for looking at your school year as a whole, and determining where and when to plug in a unit study. It also give a ton of ideas to use for whatever your child’s age or interests.

2.) Before my oldest son got married, he used to rent out 2 spare bedrooms in his house. Usually the young men had just moved out of their parent’s house. He was astounded how little they knew about handling their finances, and budgeting. He ended up having them pay their rent weekly, because they weren’t able to manage their money well enough to come up with a month’s worth of rent when it was due! Not kidding! 

When I came across the resource in The Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle 2021, “Personal Finance 101: The Basics of Banking, Budgeting, and Buying!” by Stephanie Iraggi, I knew I needed to share!! Personal Finance 101 is a 6 week self-paced online course designed to teach financial literacy and skills for older teens and young adults. This is a perfect course for your teens to take before launching them out into the world! 

3.) It’s never too early to start teaching kids about money. There’s also an e-book for your younger students: “This Thing Called Money”, by Connie Goodwin is a non-prep introduction to money management for upper elementary students. In this primary stage, students learn simple foundational concepts that they can apply to small-scale applications (such as budgeting their own allowances), and setting the stage for deeper exploration in middle school.

4.) There are printables galore!!

“The Complete Workbook Pack”, by Kathy Barbro. 

Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve”, by Laura Coppinger, one of our awesome MadeOn Affiliates, is one I want for my yet-to-be-born grandkids!! 

I have thoroughly enjoyed looking through all the resources in The Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle 2021! As someone who homeschooled for 15 years, and graduated all of them, I would absolutely recommend this Bundle! This is a resource you could come back to year after year, for one or all of your kids. Each year brings new interests, and reveals things yet to be learned. This Bundle covers a huge range of ages and topics.

FIND IT HERE: https://ultimatebundles.com/uhsb2021/#a_aid=a160&a_bid=4d1266c4


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