Healthy Skin from the Inside Out

We all have our first-aid stories, right?

  • Son #2 got poison oak so bad, his entire face puffed up like an over-roasted marshmallow.
  • Son #1 fell 20+ feet from the air, onto rock, when the homemade zip line he was riding suddenly snapped.
  • Son #4 deals with intense stomach pains every time he consumes ice cream containing eggs.

Who do you call?

Back then, I could call my neighbor, Marcee, in an emergency, and she'd arrive with her manzanita tea (for poison oak), calendula infused oil (for wounds) and lemon turmeric tonic (for inflammation).

The more I learn about these herbal remedies, the more I'm able to create and stock my own natural apothecary but there's always that fear that I might "mess up my kids" if I go at it alone.

If you're like me and worry that you might accidentally choose a wrong herb, or that you might inadvertently do more harm than good, let me reassure you of two things:

1.) You have a much higher chance of doing damage by correctly using pharmaceutical drugs than by using herbal remedies (source).

2.) I have the perfect person to walk you up the Ladder of Health, which means that she will help you determine whether your situation has a simple herbal remedy solution, or if it's time to call a medical professional.

Meet my friend Carolyn.

Carolyn Thomas has been researching and treating her own family with natural herbal remedies (many from her own garden) for over 15 years. Some of the herbs she uses for headaches, rashes, stress, and stomachaches, are turmeric, elderberry, lemon balm, and calendula.

Carolyn has been one of my "health hotline" friends I contact when I'm dealing with inflammation, headaches, and well, even ants in the kitchen. She lives on a large homestead and she's faster (and much more reliable) than Google when it comes to getting quick answers to my family's occasional minor emergencies.

But she's also kind of a big deal. She's created over 140 videos on YouTube, with 100,000+ YouTube subscribers! She has a huge following.

FREE 4 Part Herbal Training Series
Carolyn is offering a FREE 4-day training series where she'll cover:

  • Are herbs safe?
  • How to choose the right herb for your issue.
  • Understanding an herb’s safety rating.
  • What to do at the first sign of a health problem.
  • When to get professional help.
  • Some health principles that helped our great-grandmas keep her family healthy without frequent doctor visits.
  • How you are making your medicinal teas the wrong way (and how to make them really effective).

Sign up for Carolyn's training here by clicking the image below.

Herbal healing at home

I told you that Carolyn is like my herbal hotline when I need a quick answer to a non-emergency first aid issue. I've chatted with her about various conditions, and I'm letting you in on a few Q&A I had going with her.

Here's an example of a question I chatted with Carolyn about: Turmeric and Inflammation. Listen in as she describes the best way to consume turmeric to combat inflammation. (What does this have to do with skin care? The issues you have inside your body become an issue with your skin. Your skin condition might be trying to tell you that you need to deal with problems inside... namely, inflammation.) 

Video talking about turmeric and the healing benefits of it

Next up, I had a question about lemon balm. She references this in the video series, so I asked her for more information about how it has helped her children. Her answer surprised me! Listen in here: 

benefits of lemon balm for the skin

Finally, I ask Carolyn for her advice about healing skin conditions with herbal remedies. In this video, Carolyn tells me what to look for in herbs that will help with skin issues. She highlights two herbs specifically. One helps the liver, which in turn will help fix the skin problems that are plaguing you. Listen in here

healing from the inside out

If you haven't checked in to watch Carolyn's videos, sign up here: 

Healthy Healing at Home Video

What to expect: The 4 videos are completely free. Carolyn will offer you access to her paid course once you've completed the videos. Purchasing the course (which is totally worth it!) does give me a bit of affiliate pay. But hey, so much cheaper (and safer!) to learn about herbal remedies than to pay for potentially unnecessary prescription drugs.  I only suggest courses, bundles, and products that I would personally use. 

By the way, don't let Carolyn's young looks fool you. She has 9 children, just like me!

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