Homemade Natural Blush Recipe

Make your Own Natural Blush

Ready to look your best for summer?

With a little extra sun on your face, you may want to skip make-up altogether or apply just a bit of color.

I was digging around Wardee's Women's Health Masterclass to see what type of skin-related DIY projects she has going. She's a great friend and was happy to let me share this recipe with you.

Let's start! First, when it comes to colorants, you as the home DIY'er have many more options than I do. While you can make whatever you want out of whatever natural and edible ingredients you choose, as a seller of skin care, many of those options can't apply to me. The FDA has a list that we can choose from, and I have to stick with the list. For you, however, look for these:


Safe Colorants to Use for Homemade Make-Up (not to sell)

  • pinks/reds — rose red mica powder or beetroot powder
  • orange/yellow — turmeric, saffron
  • brown/cream — maca, cocoa


DIY Bronzed Pink Blush Recipe

  • 2 teaspoons rose mica powder
  • 2 teaspoons cacao powder or cocoa powder, depending on what you have on hand
  • 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon kaolin clay (or arrowroot powder if you prefer to let more of the mica’s shimmer come through)
Mix together until thoroughly combined and put in a tin. Apply to clean, moisturized skin with a blush brush.

So easy!

(Recipe adapted from this one. Wardeh's Masterclass is part of a Self-Care Mini-Bundle that's offered to those who purchase the Herb&EO Superbundle... it's an amazing deal of $11.97 for another 11 fantastic resources.)
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