How come I feel colder after I apply peppermint lip balm? And other lip balm related questions...

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Lip Balm Questions and Answers

  • Is lip balm addictive?
  • Does lip balm make you cold?
  • Can lip balm dry out your skin?

These are just a few questions that I've come across lately.  Read on for answers to those and more:

1. I just want to double-check that your lip balms do not have Vitamin E or any synthetic version of it. I'd like to buy for a friend who is allergic!

No, they do not have added vitamin E. They don't contain water, so they don't need the Vitamin E. We do have it in the goat milk soap, which is from naturally grown sunflower seeds and is non-GMO and gluten-free.

2. Hi Renee, could the BeeCool Sticks be used as lip balms?

They could, however, it will be extremely strong and may be too intense for the lips. It's packed with menthol, which could have a slightly drying effect.

3. I've heard that Chapstick (or lip balm) is addictive. Is there truth to that?

From what I've read, it's more of a habit, not an addiction. (Unless, of course, it's the flavor of the lip balm that you're going for... mocha, anyone? 🤣). There's no chemical addictive component to Chapstick/lip balm. A mint-based lip balm could potentially be a bit drying and require more frequent application. Or, if you tend to lick your lip-balm-covered lips often due to the flavor that you love, it could cause some drying.

4. How come I feel colder after I apply my peppermint lip balm?

It's from the menthol (so the same answer applies to BeeCool). It triggers the TRPM8 ion channels, causing your skin's cold receptor to become sensitive and overfire. This causes the brain (receiving cold signals from skin) to feel cold... that's why you feel cold.

5. What are the best ingredients for natural lip balm?

We feel strongly that these are the best ingredients for natural lip balm: shea butter for the nourishing effect, coconut oil for the moisturizing, and beeswax, to lock in the other two ingredients. You can easily add scent (essential oil) to this base and create your own scent combination. 


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