How one customer conquered her eczema naturally, with food changes

Whenever I hear that a customer has fixed her eczema with some lifestyle changes, I jump on the opportunity to find out how.

Here's what happened this past week when Pam, a customer, contacted me with an order question. Turns out, when I found out she had a history of struggling with eczema, I was the one with the questions.


Pam's Eczema Treatment Story:

Pam: I experienced eczema for several years. The dermatologist would only prescribe a cream for “relief” of the itching, but I wouldn’t use it. When I finally found a Functional Medicine practitioner for my Thyroid (Hashimoto’s) symptoms, she told me to eliminate gluten completely. I did what she said - for two months - and what I found was nothing short of amazing. That was over ten years ago. Not only have I NOT had a case of eczema since, but with other lifestyle changes, I was able to completely reverse Hashimoto’s and eliminate my thyroid medication (Naturethroid) within three months.


I wrote back and asked: What else did you do besides eliminate gluten?

Pam: Besides eliminating gluten, I was told (not suggested) that I follow the EWG “Clean 15” guidelines when purchasing produce AND to switch from any chemicals in house-cleaning supplies and skin care products in order to eliminate as much toxic “garbage” as possible. I also made a slower switch from conventional meat/poultry and seafood to grass-fed, pastured and sustainably raised. That way I could omit the nasty antibiotics, GMO’s etc. Plus, humanely-raised animals are healthier too. So, we benefit with better nutrition as well. Obviously, exercise (including mind/body) were all integrated into my new lifestyle. I’d be lying if I said it was a super-easy transition from my former life (LOL), but OH. SO. WORTH. IT!


Do you still have to be strict with the gluten-free diet?

Pam: The answer is yes AND no. Gratefully, I don’t have Celiac disease. If I did I would reply with a really strong YES. In my case, I was diagnosed with "non-celiac gluten sensitivity". It still required me to eliminate ALL gluten in the early days. When I prepare meals at home I continue to stick to whole foods, but when my husband and I eat out, I am aware there’s going to be some cross-contamination, so I often will take along my enzymes to help weaken the affects of any micro-gluten that may find it’s way “in”. 

What if you go backward?

Pam: So, when I say Yes AND no, it’s because I’ve been able to loosen gluten's strangle-hold on my diet. But, I’m still very conscious of the reality that if I let myself retreat too far into old ways, I could very well re-trigger the Hashimoto’s. Which, by the way, I learned was a side effect of leaky gut, which was caused by consuming gluten, tons of stress, and environmental triggers. Sadly, wheat just isn’t the wheat of our ancestors. It’s become somewhat of a “non” food.


What advice would you give someone with a chronic skin condition like eczema?

Pam: I see so many people struggling with health issues and inside my head, I’m saying, “you don’t have to keep suffering!”. Sadly, too many traditional doctors will tell you (as my former doctor did) that once you have an auto-immune disease you’ll always have it - and be on medication for life. NOT TRUE! Each of us is uniquely different which is why finding a Functional Medicine and/or a Homeopathic/Naturopathic physician is VERY important to getting to the root of our health issues without the need for a fistful of prescription medications.


Now, Pam may not need our Beesilk Bar for her eczema, but she's sticking with our products for other reasons:

Pam: I already use your hard lotion (love it) and even sent one to our 15-year-old granddaughter who has been struggling with eczema since she was an infant. [She added that it's difficult to convince a teen to change her diet] Even though eczema is no longer a problem for me, I still love the convenience and the effectiveness of the hard lotion for my aging dry skin. LOL!

Thanks, Pam!
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