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Best Natural Products to Get You Through No Shave November

As he does every November, my 20-year-old son, Caleb, made sure to challenge his brothers and my husband to take this month off from shaving.

I suppose we'll find out at the Thanksgiving table who caved and shaved, and who can sport a decent amount of facial fuzz (and figure out how to manage it).

This might mean "mom to the rescue" if your boys aren't sure how to keep that growing facial hair tamed.  

And...  your husband who may already have his special 'stache or muttonchops might actually appreciate a couple of MadeOn products made just for him. I'll get to that in just a second, but first, let me entertain you with this: 

Reasons why men grow beards

(taken from this source)
  1. They received compliments the last time they participated in a No Shave November.
  2. They were challenged by other dudes.
  3. It's trendy.
  4. It covers a "baby face."
  5. They feel naked without it.
  6. "It keeps me warm on a cold day."
  7. Their head of hair no longer exists.
  8. "It makes me feel wise."

Here's the #1 reason mentioned: "...shaving makes them break out in redness, ingrown hairs, razor bumps, etc."  (Hey, we have a product for that!

How Second Life Hair Butter Helps with Beards:

This is Sarah's review on our website. This says it all!
"I purchased the hair butter because my husband kept complaining that his mustache and beard were really coarse and scruffy.  He loves it. It has a subtle enough scent that it doesn't bother him and he's been using it every day since it arrived. Added bonus: no hairs poking my face when he kisses me."
Next up, let's take care of that shave. 

He's used to Gillette or other shaving creams. 

You'd rather he shaves like your grandpa shaved... with a bar of shaving soap and a shaving brush. (Admit it, it's romantic!)
We've got you covered. Our shaving bars are made with ingredients that give a close shave and glide, reduce the sting of the shave, and provide a rich lather.  MadeOn's Unscented Shaving Soap is free of fragrance and scent. For added scent, choose from Lavender or Elderberry/Sage.
Just ask Sandra, a long-time customer: 
"My husband was having problems with the skin on his face being dry and flaky after shaving. I bought him this soap (and a brush and bowl to go with it from Amazon) and started him using it. He has been very happy with the results. His face has quit itching and his beard is easier to shave because the natural shaving soap softens his beard for a better, closer shave." 
It's the middle of November... how's that shave coming?
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