How to make lotion bars with just 3 ingredients


Dry, winter weather causes the cracks and splits in your fingers to keep you from your daily work duties, while summer barefoot walking does the same to your heels. Lotion bars applied to the fingers and heels will take care of the painful seasonal dryness in just three ingredients: coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter. Your body’s temperature warms the bar as you apply it to the skin, and once absorbed, you’ll find that it doesn’t take nearly as much re-application as it would a pump lotion. It’s fast-acting, smooth-feeling, with the perk of relieving skin affected by eczema and psoriasis.


3 oz beeswax

3 oz shea butter

3 oz coconut oil

Essential oils (optional)


  1. Place beeswax, shea butter, and coconut oil in a double boiler.
  2. Melt and stir with a wooden skewer.
  3. Remove from heat, wait a few minutes and add several drops of essential oil, if desired.
  4. Stir with wooden skewer and pour into molds.

Molds can be ice cube trays, round cupcake pans or chocolate/soap molds. Once lotion bars come to room temperature, put in freezer for easy pop-out removal. It’s recommended to clean up while pots are still hot and lotion residue is melted. After pouring into molds, wipe out bowl completely using a paper towel and then wash with hot, soapy water.

To use: apply lotion bar to skin using a light rubbing motion. Lotion will absorb into skin on contact. One 2 oz bar may be used within a month if used a few time a week. For more serious dry skin issues, apply heavily at night and feel a marked difference in your skin by the morning. For day to day use, only a small amount is necessary for immediate relief and a non-greasy feel. Store in tin and use within 6 months. No refrigeration needed.

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Frequently asked questions:

Where do get the pot that is used as a double boiler?

You can use any pot that's larger than a Pyrex or similar glass measuring container. Just make sure that the Pyrex is taller than the pot, or at least is situated in such a way that water can't get into the Pyrex mixture.

During the summer my coconut oil becomes a liquid. So should I be concerned about this melting?

Nope. It may be a slightly softer bar, and if that's a problem, just add a bit more beeswax during the warmer months.

What do you wrap them in for gifts?

I have a Pinterest Board full of ideas:

How do you carry them?

Tupperware containers work, you can even just fold it up in some parchment or wax paper if need be. You can also use Altoid mint tins.

Are they greasy and do they stain clothes?

For some skin types they may feel greasy initially but not for most. It often just takes some absorbing into the skin and then the hands feel great.

How do you clean the Pyrex?

It's best to wipe everything out while it's piping hot (with a paper towel). Then wash in hot, soapy water. If the lotion dries before you have a chance to clean it up, simply reheat and melt in order to wipe up and clean. Melissa had the great idea to use up any leftover residue on her feet and then slipping them into socks for the night.

How do you put them into a lip balm tube?

Use a medicine dropper.

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