Why use a hydrosol instead of an essential oil?

HYDROSOL, a quick definition:

When plant matter is steam distilled, both essential oils (oil-soluble constituents), and hydrosols (water-soluble constituents) are produced. (Click here to see a photo journal of our friend in France who distilled his lavender.) 

When you should choose Hydrosols over Essential Oils

You might consider hydrosols in cases where you’re concerned about essential oil safety:

  • some essential oils are unsafe for children
  • some EO’s are unsafe for pregnant moms
  • most EO’s require that you dilute the oil with another essential oil
  • a few are phototoxic

Hydrosols, can be used more freely on pets, children, for consumption, as a linen spray, and on many skin issues. If your homemade skin care recipes contain water, you can replace the water with a hydrosol. Another perk is that if you drink an herbal tea for medicinal purposes, use a hydrosol instead (a couple teaspoons added to a bland tea), as they are more concentrated. Some hydrosols can relieve a headache, calm nerves, etc.

Why are essential oils not safe around cats? 

If you're going to go with the utmost of safety, here's why: "their livers metabolize essential oils differently - and much more slowly - than other animals, and thus even small amounts stay in their systems much longer, which can be harmful." Kresha Faber of Nourishingjoy.com *

Why are hydrosols better than essential oils for children under 2?

The water product that is the byproduct of the distillation process is far less potent and concentrated than the oil that is distilled, so it's safer for babies and toddlers because, at their young age, they have respiratory and circulatory systems that are still developing and growing. They're also called floral waters, or aromatic waters, since not all are from flowers. 

Resources (some contain affiliate links):

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* Check out Kresha Faber's Essential Oil Safety Cards in the Ultimate Bundle's Herb and Essential Oils Super Bundle 2019

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