If Frank & Ylang had an Enneagram number

I'm a bit of a personality type test junkie.

It's pretty much ingrained in me: my mom is a certified Myers & Briggs practitioner, my dad has always had personality type books on his shelves, and so it's no wonder that for Christmas, I received The Road Back to You, a book that uses the ancient personality type system to show how people are wired... using numbers 1-9.

I couldn't help but classify a few essential oils as I was reading the book, namely the "couple" that is featured in our new Frank & Ylang lotion bar (Frankincense & Ylang Ylang... in case it wasn't obvious!):

If Frank (frankincense essential oil) were an Enneagram, he'd be a number 8 (the Challenger):

Eights are powerful, spiritual, they seek justice in the world, they're willing to take on the opposition if it helps people. Under its tough exterior is a tender, loving heart. 

Why is frankincense an 8?

Frankincense is mentioned 17 times in the Bible, and possibly more often for every time the word "incense" is used. The oil is also a digestive aid and a potent infection fighter.  Frankincense made the news in the medical world as a potentially viable cancer treatment aid. Clearly, a fighter. And yet, the aroma is sweet, like the 8's interior... tough exterior with a tender, loving heart.  (My husband is an 8, by the way.) 

Ylang ylang is a 7 on the Enneagram Indicator

Ylang would be typed as a number 7 (the Enthusiast): "fun, spontaneous and adventurous, [she's] motivated by a need to be happy, to plan stimulating experiences and to avoid pain."* 

How does Ylang Ylang make people happy?

1.) she's powerful (the ylang-ylang scent comes out the strongest in our combination),

2.) the scent is known to relieve depression, anger, and frustration. A famous perfume which makes use of ylang-ylang as one of its components is Chanel No. 5.   

Sevens are full of joy and love life and dislike pain, so clearly, the "Ylang" in Frank & Ylang will do her best to make everything an enjoyable experience. (I'm not officially a number 7, except in the customer service department <wink>).

Hope that helped give you a better idea of our newest lotion bar! Give it a try in time for Valentine's Day.

Find it here: https://store.hardlotion.com/products/scented-lotion-bars?variant=13976072945709

* from the book The Road Back to You by Ian Cron and Suzanne Stabile

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