Psoriasis: Healing from the Inside Out

If you have a serious case of psoriasis, I want to introduce you to a friend who experienced sudden and unexplainable psoriasis, was told to "just live with it", but was eventually able to conquer it naturally.

Laurie Neverman goes deep to figure out her psoriasis issue, not just her own, but her mother's issues with skin. It was horrible. (Here's one of her blog posts on it). 

Her psoriasis hit very suddenly:

"When my skin erupted in 2015, I thought I was dealing with the 'family curse' of inflamed skin that my mother had worn until she passed away in 2010. I went to a dermatologist; she said it was plaque psoriasis, and that I should learn to live with it."

People would stare at her oozing, peeling skin. To read Laurie's skin journey would make anyone grateful to only have the occasional acne breakout or fine lines and wrinkles. She explained that she suddenly looked like a burn victim ... her skin felt like it was on fire.

Her mom experienced something similar a few years before, leading up to her death in 2010. It all went unexplained. It was disconcerting, but she had to find a treatment.

Laurie was able to look past the bad advice from some of the dermatologists and find an answer.

"If you have visible symptoms – like skin conditions (even acne), swelling, bloating, dark circles under the eyes, funky body odor, flaky scalp, constipation, etc – then something is also not working where you can’t see it." Laurie writes.

Laurie researched everything from diet to herbal treatments, alternative treatments and underlying conditions and by the following year, she had cleared up her skin completely.

Here's what she found when she was in the throes of research:

  • anything from stress to a strep infection can trigger psoriasis
  • emotional trauma can trigger it
  • psoriasis tends to run in families
  • injured skin and certain drugs can aggravate it

Here are some alternative viewpoints that often involve gut health:

  • antibiotics
  • prescription corticosteroids
  • not enough intake of water
  • nightshades
  • depression
  • candida overgrowth

I'm going to stop right here and give a quick summary of what Laurie discovered.

She did a lot of research on candida and found relief by doing an anti-candida, anti-psoriasis diet. She also attributed her skin clearing to finally dealing with her mother's death and some issues in her past. This is a really fascinating read and if you're dealing with psoriasis after thinking you've done everything to fix it, you might find more to think about by reading her book.

Laurie doesn't just tell her story, she shares 8 pages of other people's experiences.

These are worth checking into if you're at the end of your rope with diagnosing and treating your psoriasis. So many things work for so many other people's psoriasis experiences.

Summary: 1.) Laurie realized that candida overgrowth was a factor in her psoriasis (p 29), and 2.) "One of the most fundamental alternative psoriasis treatments I used was to change my state of mind."

Psoriasis Healing by Laurie Neverman


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