Shea Butter + Rose Hip Seed Oil = perfect facial skin

Shea Butter is great for mature facial skin.

Simply Shea's history: Our Simply Shea Facial Emollient started out a few years ago as simply shea butter and rose hip seed oil.

Then I thought... maybe people wanted it even MORE SIMPLE by leaving out the rose oil. 

Nope. I received feedback like this, from Diane:

"I bought the Simply Shea back in November. I had tried the shea butter alone. I like the combination with the rosehip seed oil better for my mature skin. I also find it more appealing than shea butter alone. A little goes a long way! I still have an almost full container. I used it at night when my face was really dry during the winter. My skin was always so soft and wonderful the next morning! I would hate to see you change it. I only used it overnight when my face was extremely dry and needed extra TLC during the winter. I could probably have gotten by with a 1 oz container instead of the 2 oz size."

Thanks to Diane's feedback, and the feedback from others, I kept the rose hip seed oil in.

We're finding many people have LOVED this combination. 

Here's what Aimee says about using Simply Shea on her face:

Shea butter is less greasy than coconut oil

Here's what Aimee says: 

"Hi, my name is Aimee, and my favorite MadeOn product is Simply Shea Facial Emollient. It contains nothing but shea butter and rose hip seed oil, and it provides the perfect level of moisture for my skin. It's not greasy feeling like it used to be when I would use straight coconut oil on my skin, and I'm never dried out. It also, I feel, makes my skin look a little more even on the days that I don't wear makeup, which are more often than the days that I do. I'm really grateful for this product."

Shop for products without water

Dry skin usually happens not so much because of a lack of water, but a lack of oil.. Without oil, the skin can't create a protective barrier to keep the water in, and it will evaporate. Moisturizers, rather, emollients,  include a variety of oils in order to help with this. 

Water will make your skin even drier, unless you lock it in with a barrier, like butter (shea butter).

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Simply Shea facial butter

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