Skin Care for Men

Best Skin Care for Men

When it comes to skin care, men will not touch a woman's lotion, lip balm, or body soap. For the most part.


Here are three reasons:

  1. it's usually scented with an off-putting-to-men fragrance.
  2. It's not effective/strong enough (they don't want to re-apply a lotion).
  3. It comes in packaging attractive to women, but not men.

I did a little research to find out if guys need their own special line of skin care.

Is man skin all that different than a woman's skin? 

It turns out that guys are also susceptible to skin damage, dry skin, aging skin and various skin issues like eczema and psoriasis. So for the most part, they can use the same skin care as women use. Just like women, it often depends on their individual skin type. 

What may differ is that men's facial skin is thicker than women's. They obviously deal with facial hair that women don't have. The downside is that they clearly don't have as many options, especially when it comes to skin care with safe and effective ingredients. Men may also want to steer clear from women's skin care products that contain hormones like estrogen and placental extracts. 

Then it made me wonder: of all our customers, 88% of them are women. 

I assumed that these ladies were buying our products primarily for themselves... maybe sharing with a man or boy in the house, but pretty much they're reserving their Beesilk and BeeCool for themselves.

I decided to ask.

I surveyed a small portion of my email list and within minutes, my inbox was loaded with personal stories of which son, husband, boyfriend, or dad used MadeOn products for their own skin. 

I'm going to share their answers based on skin issues. These are only a very few of the many answers I received: 

Best Man Product for Dry, Cracked Skin

Beesilk Hard Lotion Bar (does that surprise anyone?)


Jennifer C: "Hubby uses Beesilk Jr in the winter for his dry, cracked hands."

Laura D: "My husband and sons use the hard lotion and lip balm for preventing/reducing chapping, general maintenance, rough nails/cuticles.  It reduces incidences of chapped lips, keeps from mindlessly picking/biting the uneven areas around the nails."

Caitlyn: "My husband really likes the hard lotion bars since his palms aren’t left oily or wet like lotion. His hands get dry from all the recent hand washing, cooking, and yard work. He usually waits until they are cracking and bleeding but now has a made on bar on his night stand and uses it most nights to prevent his hands getting dried out."

Julie K: "My two sons use MadeOn products. They both have the found the lotion bar to be the only thing to keep their hands from getting dry."

Kimberly G: "Dad and teen sons in my house have used BeeSilk Bars, both shea and cocoa, as well as BeeCool sticks for many years!   Our home is transracial, so we run the gamut on skin types.   Everyone from vanilla to dark chocolate calls the lotion bars their absolute favorite for hands (vanilla)—and even all over (milk and dark chocolate tones).    One of my guys has hands that would bleed without it, and another has skin that looks ashy shortly after main stream lotions.  BeeSilk is the ONLY product that keeps his skin looking and feeling great all day."

Best Man Product for Eczema

Beesilk Jr skin care product for men for skin irritations

Beesilk Jr.


Pamela S: "I have teenagers/men in my family who use Made On products. My son uses the Bee Silk Jr. for his eczema since it spreads on easier for him than using the lotion bar and the lip balm."

Rachael W: "We started using the Beesilk Jr on my son whose skin is very dry and then I started using it every night on my dry hands and then my husband discovered the benefits of it as well!  We like the Beesilk Jr cause it is easier to apply."

Kym R: "My 13 old son uses Bee Silk Junior. He uses it for severe eczema which he's had since infancy.  We have been desperately trying to find something that doesn't burn his skin when he applies it.  He's tried TONS of natural products and Bee Silk Junior is now the hero at our house because it doesn't burn." 

Best Man Product for Grooming Hair

Second Life Hair Butter and Shampoo Bar


Carol P: "My son uses the Second Life Hair Butter on his hair and beard (27 years old).  He says it makes his waves softer and his scalp feels better (his hair is already thinning).  The same reason for his beard."

Niki R: "My husband, Les, uses the shampoo bar.  He ran out of his bottle of shampoo and since I use and love the shampoo bar, I asked if he would try it.  He has short hair.   I’m thankful that he and my teenage boys (and myself) all use the shampoo bar now!  My shower is much simpler with less products and we are using products that are much better for my family!  ♥️"

Sarah M: "My husband uses the second life hair butter on his goatee. It keeps his face from itching and makes his whiskers softer."

Best Man Product for Face, In-grown Hairs

best product for men's beard: goat milk shaving bar

Goat Milk Shaving Soap Bar


Tricia J: "My husband uses this to shave both his face and his balding head.  It has significantly reduced in-grown hairs and the bar lasts such a long time!"

Rosa R: "My husband started using the shaving soap because I bought it for him once, after that he changed his usual shaving cream for this soap. He loves it. He said it left his skin very soft."

Best Man Product for Chapped Lips

Natural Lip Balm


Melissa W:  "My husband and my son both use the natural lip balm. They use it for chapped/dry lips because it lasts a long time, no having to put it on 10 times an hour."

Lauri M: "My husband uses the lip balm and lotion bar before going out in the cold weather to run- it is a great barrier against the cold and wind!"

Rhoda S: "My 16 year old son loves the peppermint lip balm.  For years he licked his lips raw as they were dry which resulted in cracked and very chapped lips--year round.  We tried many different store bought lip balms but nothing ever really helped.  Then I learned about MadeOn 4-5 years ago and fell in love with Bee Silk lotion bars and peppermint lip balm.  I let my son try the lip balm and had to order more as he kept taking mine--but your lip balms work!  He no longer has issues with his lips cracking or chapping.  He uses the lip balm year round but during the winter months he keeps an extra tube in his coat pocket as his lips tend to get dryer then. But there is no more cracking!"

Best Man Product for Repelling Bugs

Bug Block


Tami B: "My husband uses Bug Block as it keeps bugs off when camping or hiking."

Rosa R: "My son, husband, and all of us use the bug stuck all summer. My son is 9 years old and liked it because the scents are very pleasant, it is easy to split and works."

Aimee L: "My husband uses Bug Block. He currently works night shift in small city with several marshy areas surrounding it. In the summer, the mosquitoes show up in force. He doesn't always have a lot of time to apply Bug Block between calls for service, so the stick works perfectly for him!"

Best Man Product for Muscle Soreness

BeeCool Stick


Sandra A: "My husband Dan works a very physical job and often comes home sore from the day. After showering he routinely rubs some Bee Cool on his shoulders and upper arms due to the strain of the days work. He also has an old ankle break that pains him and he uses the Bee Cool there. It relieves the ache in his foot."

Heidi S: "My son loves the bee cool sticks for sore muscles."

Suz T: "My husband loves BeeCool - perfect excuse for a backrub when he has sore muscles."

Best Man Product for Rash and Skin Irritation

men's skin care for rash

Simply Soothing Rash Cream


Tami B: "Simply soothing helps my husband with any rashes or irritated skin he might get." 

Kathy D: "My husband uses Simply Soothing on skin irritations and it's also helpful for poison ivy!"

Nicole M:  "I've used the simply soothing rash cream on some rashes on my son's neck after a bath and they consistently improve (if not resolve) by the next morning." 

So, something strong enough for a man can be made for a woman... or a man. 

There you have it! While you may think MadeOn was made for women, it's definitely something that can be used effectively for man skin as well. 

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