Snail Slime Soap? Did you know it's a thing?

This past week, my friend Carol brought me a bag of skin care from Greece, where she lives.

I pulled out a Donkey Milk Soap from the bag. The bar was rock hard, which really means it's cured for a long time... that's all good. The scent, though, was exactly what I'd expect a donkey to smell like. Farmy.

And then.... (wait for it...)

... Snail Soap.

Ingredients: rainwater, ash water, salt, NaOH, olive oil, snail mucus extract. 


Why, oh why... 

I Googled it, and apparently, it's a thing:

They call it snail slime, snail cream, snail excretion, snail mucus...

The stuff allegedly helps your cells produce collagen and elastin, which can even out skin tone and smooth its surface. You go for it, Drew Barrymore and Katie Holmes (they've apparently tried it). 

But, I think I'll stick with my goat milk soap, at least until I've given this bar of Snail Slime Soap a good try. Which, actually, the soap scent is plain - good, and clean. The ingredient list is short. We like that. Maybe Carol is onto something. 

Stay tuned.

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