The best natural treatment for sunburn

How to treat burns naturally

plus, learn how to infuse herbs in oil... or water!

It was 2009. My family and I met up with our friends in our favorite Northern California beach... Santa Cruz.

Here's our family back then:

MadeOn family pic at the beach in CA

Other than one fussy guy who didn't want to be there, we all had a really fun day.

But... notice how fair skinned we are. 

An hour or so later, some of the kids had had too much sun exposure and not enough protection

Fortunately for me, my friend had an aloe vera plant that we cut, applying the sap to the sunburned skin. Easy peasy and it gave quick relief.

Tip #1: keep a healthy aloe vera plant on hand.

Tip #2: After Burn Spray: Something else you can do to treat a sunburn is to make an after-burn spray. The ingredients for this include aloe vera juice or gel, and water-infused dried calendula flowers or plantain leaves (soaked in water and strained) at about 1:2 ratio of aloe vera to infused water. Add a few drops of essential oils that work as a burn treatment, put in a spray bottle, and you're ready with an easy to apply spray. (Shake before using.)  Get the complete recipe plus tutorial here. 

Tip #3: You can infuse herbs in water or oil. 
For using oil, here are some tips that Melissa K Norris shared with me: 
  • Jojoba oil is best to use
  • Use dried, not fresh herbs, because you can develop mold/bacteria.
  • Expect to take 4-6 weeks.
  • Calendula is easy to use and infuse
  • Herbs will swell up in liquid so leave plenty of extra oil
  • Keep in direct sun

Tip #4: kukui oil

Keep a bottle of kukui oil on hand in your kitchen or at the beach. I found it to be fastest pain-relieving sunburn oil that's easy to grab and apply. 

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