The ideal skin care gift for the graduate

It's that time of year when my inbox and Facebook feed are filling with young ladies and gents announcing that they're crossing the finish line: GRADUATION

I've got you covered with:
  • 7 reasons why a graduating student needs Beesilk
  • 2 free downloadable gift tags {one can be used for any gift}
  • The perfect Beesilk combo for the grad
  • BONUS: a guide showing how to make graduation party favors

7 reasons why they need hard lotion when they graduate:

  1. Future vocation in various fields.  Some fields require a whole lot of hand washing, and the use of antiseptic soap, especially in the medical field, can wreak havoc on the hands. Beesilk is perfect for this.
  2. The all-important hand shake. In college, one of my professors emphasized the power of a firm handshake. If the graduate is competing in the workplace for a job, make sure his handshake is firm but his hands-free from embarrassing flare-ups. Count on Beesilk for this.
  3. For students who travel. Having your lotion hard and in bar form frees up the 3.4 oz maximum requirement by the TSA for liquids when traveling by plane.
  4. Affordable. Beesilk is comparable in price to other lotions, but once your skin is soft and conditioned, you'll find that you use it less often.
  5. Helps fix stressed hands. The stress of finals and worried anticipation of the future can cause the skin to react negatively. Beesilk can help with some of those conditions by taking care of the symptoms.
  6. Camping! Pack up the VW van and keep it natural with Bug Block instead of bug spray.
  7. Cracked heels. She'll be spending her last free summer at the beach, so get her heels free from cracks and splits with Beesilk.

Downloadable gift tags for the graduate

Click the image below to download a Graduate Gift Tag sheet, with instructions on how to use a lotion bar.

graduation gift tags

Here's the perfect combo for the newest grad:

Click here to purchase.

Finally, learn how to make lip balms as a graduation party favor! 

Click here to learn.

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