Valentine Gift Ideas for Men or Women

I was in a chat with my good friend Kerry the other day when she started to list the various people she had planned to share our Valentine's Day Boxes with... and why.

"Woah! Stop! These are some great ideas - I need to write this down."

I stopped her around the time she mentioned her dinner party, and asked if she'd be willing to write out her list.

And of course, I'd gladly supply her with plenty of Valentine's Day boxes to show my appreciation.

So without further ado, here's Kerry:

How do I plan to share my “Love Your Skin Valentine Boxes”? OH! Let me count the ways!!

1.) When Renee asked me this question, I immediately thought of a dear friend whose husband was in a horrible accident over the weekend. She will be camped out 3 hours from her home, coming & going from the hospital.

So MUCH hand sanitizer!

She needs some love! Her hands are gonna need a lot of love.

Honestly, what can you do in a situation like that? I can’t be there to love on her, but being able to send her a small something special, just for her, with calming scents like lavender, and anti-anxiety scents like Ylang-ylang, (mixed with her pal Frank ;)), is just a small way to show her she is loved, and being thought of as well in this difficult time. (I should probably add a lip balm to that order too!) Hospitals dry you out.

2.) My next thought went to a Valentine’s dinner party that I am having. I would love to use the ‘Love Your Skin Valentine’s Boxes’ as party favors! One box per couple, they each get a heart, and they can fight over the Jasmine roller bottle!! Hahaha!!! How romantic!! Once again, a small way to show my friends some love, and Renee has done all the hard work of making them look so cute and ready for gift giving!

3.) Then I got thinking, as the doorbell rang, my plumber is here to hook up my sink! He works with his hands all day, every day, I bet he could use some hard lotion! Those little hearts would be adorable! He could re-gift them to his wife & daughters if he wanted.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any boxes on hand yet…. so I’ll be giving him a full size Beesilk Hard Lotion Bar today. I always keep extras on hand! They are the perfect gifts!!! There is a scent that is just right for everyone, and then the unscented Beesilk where a scent won’t work.

4.) Not long after I thought about the plumber, my furnace started making weird noises. It was 7 degrees here in Maine this morning, we need heat! BRRRR!!!! I texted my furnace guy, and he said he could come tonight.

Wow! I would give him a box if I had one. I’m sure his hands need some love as well! Right? I’ll need to go look to see if I have some more pocket size bars on hand, because he needs a gift of love for keeping us warm!

The more I think about this, I may need to order a case of ‘Love Your Skin Valentine’s Boxes!

5.) The woman who runs our ski group every year: we usually give her a gift at the end of the season. Which, come to think of it, is super close to Valentine’s Day this year - PERFECT!!!

Being outside all day teaching ski lessons, her skin takes a beating. Her skin absolutely must need some love! I’ll get her the Au Chocolat/Vanilla combo, since she may be sensitive to scents. I can’t go skiing without MadeON! My ski bag has a hard lotion bar & a lip balm, plus I keep an additional lip balm in my ski pants. That way it’s warm!!! :D

Who knows, in a pinch I could maybe even wax my skis with my hard lotion bar!!! No, no, no… I’d stop skiing rather than waste my Beesilk bar! ;)

6.) In addition to being Renee’s Marvelous MadeOn Maven, I coach high school swimming. I could give a ‘Love Your Skin Valentine’s Box’ to my Assistant Coach. She would LOVE it! She is a school teacher, so I’m guessing her hands must be beat up from all that hand sanitizer she must have to use all day. Teachers' hands need LOVE, now more than ever. 


Make their day and fix their skin with MadeOn's Valentine's Day Boxes. We shipped out Kerry's boxes right away and she's all set for gift-giving.

Who's on your list?

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