What's the difference between Beesilk lotion bars and Beesilk Jr.?

Our Beesilk hard lotion bar works fabulously for dry, cracked hands and feet. Nurses swear by it, moms love it for their frequently washed hands, and men appreciate the unscented, effective lotion that doesn't leave their hands feeling greasy.

For years, Beesilk lotion bars were enough to fix the most extreme dry skin.

But then, customers started asking for something that can be used on their legs, arms and even face.

They wanted to be able to apply a bar of lotion to their child's sensitive skin, but the bar had the "rub" feel that made it difficult to apply.

They hoped that the bar could miraculously be converted into a pump lotion to serve that "squirt, smear and go" need.

There was a problem with this. To do so would take away the effectiveness that the beeswax brings to the product.

Beesilk HAD to be "hard"... but it didn't have to be THAT hard. In fact, lessening the amount of beeswax and bringing in a lot more shea butter could actually be the trick needed to soften the bar to the point of creating an emollient.

And so, we made Beesilk Jr.

I still advocate for the Beesilk lotion bar to fix those cracks and splits, and to make extremely dry skin smooth again.

But there's room for something softer, and yet equally effective for a different job.

Whether you're looking for the ideal lotion for your split, cracked fingers or your baby's rough, dry skin, choosing the right Beesilk will make a big difference in getting the most out of your product. Here are the best uses for each Beesilk:

Here are the best uses for each Beesilk:


  • Ideal for hands and feet, especially those plagued with cracks and splits
  • Longest-lasting lotion
  • No need to re-apply frequently
  • Equal amounts of 3 ingredients
  • Best for aggravating and harsh skin conditions that need a strong emollient


  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Easier to apply on larger masses of skin (arms and legs)
  • May take more frequent applications than Beesilk hard lotion
  • Made up primarily of shea butter, with less beeswax and coconut oil
  • Ideal for babies, children and the elderly

Here's how customers use the Beesilk lotion bar vs Beesilk Jr

AngelaWe've been using the lotion bars for a few weeks now and are loving them. They spread easily in warm hands, and the scent is very natural and pleasant. We live in the southwest desert and our skin is always dry in this arid climate. Applying the hard lotion a few times throughout the day to hands and after bathing has left our skin nicely moisturized.  I love that my kids can apply the Beesilk Jr by themselves after bathing.

Betsy:  I use the bar for hands and really dry skin areas. I use the Junior for my kids. The travel size and stick go with us for our busy days outside the home. I used to suffer from extremely dry hands every winter and after using Beesilk I am happy to report that my hands do not crack and bleed! I love this product!!!

If you need one more product to have on hand, there's also the Beesilk lotion stick, which I like to use as a "spot treatment." Here's what one customer says:

Jill: My dear little ones have terribly dry hands and faces all winter in our dry climate. The Beesilk stick is perfect for applying to their little hands and cheeks and protects them through all the washing they require throughout the day. I keep mine by every sink and in their bedroom for easy application when they need it!

beesilk variety pack offers beesilk in stick, emollient and lotion bar form

 Here's a video to explain the differences:

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