Wheat can be lurking in your skin care

Yesterday Tricia told us how an interaction with a spa product ingredient triggered investigative work to find out why she reacted to it...

If you listened in yesterday, you learned that PARFUM was the culprit that triggered a skin reaction in Tricia. Parfum is often a compilation of various perfume ingredients. It could be just ONE of those ingredients that trigger a skin reaction, but you won't know which one. So Tricia must avoid anything that says "parfum", "perfume", or "fragrance". (Read yesterday's post.)

But it doesn't end there, and this is where I want to point out something important if you're struggling with ongoing eczema or psoriasis:

It's in the food you eat!
It's in the ingredients you apply to your skin!

In part 2, Tricia describes what happens when she eats gluten.

Gluten isn't only in your food. It's in your skin care. I point out that Vitamin E can contain gluten (not in our products though!).

Are you making sure your skincare doesn't contain gluten? 

Listen to part 2 of Tricia's journey. She has some good tips for you!
By contacting a Topical Dermatologist (they're hard to find!), Tricia was able to find out exactly what her skin reacts to.

Interview take-aways:

✔️ Don't judge the person who doesn't wash their hands in the bathroom. There's a reason! 
✔️ Why topical testing is better than steroid creams for treatment.
✔️ Even healthy foods can cause a reaction! 
✔️ Skin reactions often = food allergy

(click the timestamp to go straight to that part of the interview)

Tricia talks about avoiding soap in public bathrooms... 
Tricia Callahan: (01:06) Maybe this is a good time for me to get on a little soapbox, is sometimes when you see somebody not washing their hands in the bathroom, it's not because they're unsanitary...
I can't use- you think about things you can't use - I cannot use the soap in the normal bathroom. 

How the initial flare up treatment went...
Tricia Callahan: (02:14)  I did get a steroid cream to clear up the initial [flare]. But then once I found out about the topical and was rid of all of that stuff, you know, it sort of was like - there are some really great doctors out there, but a good percentage of them make you feel like it's more about reaction to the thing than prevention. And I'm like, "I don't wanna live getting rid of this." I'm a detective by nature. 

How to know what you're allergic to...
Tricia Callahan: (03:34)
I always encourage people, whether they have a skin condition too, the other thing is to keep a food diary. 

In our next video, we're talking about skin care regulations... and food. 

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