When an emollient is difficult to apply (and why it happens)

Tips to get your emollient out of the container

"Hi Renee. I have had no problem applying the Beesilk hard lotion bar to my skin because my body temperatures are warm enough to absorb the ingredients right in. The Beesilk Jr, on the other hand, is more difficult lately, and I'm having a hard time applying it to my daughter's skin."

(If you've had a problem applying the lotion bar, I have a tip for that, too, below.) 

The beauty of using a solid lotion is that the one ingredient (beeswax) that makes the lotion solid is also the ingredient that acts as a barrier between your skin and the elements that dry it out. A water-based lotion requires that you apply it frequently to get full absorption into the skin. In this case, water is no good in lotion.

But in cooler weather, a beeswax-based solid lotion can be a bit more challenging to apply, especially when stored in a cool area.

Here are some ways to warm up your Beesilk Jr (or lotion bar, or rash stick, etc.) during the cooler, winter months:

4 ways to soften your lotion before you apply it

1. Move your products from a cooler environment to a warmer one. A kitchen drawer may be warmer than your bedroom nightstand, so choose the area where temps are closer to 70+ degrees.

2. Apply to the skin when your skin is at its warmest, like after a shower or bath.

3. Set it next to a heat source. It can be a wood stove, a radiator, or yes, even your back pocket.

4. Corn bag or heating pad: Place the product on a warm corn bag or heating pad. After about 20 minutes, it will be soft and easily spreadable.

TIP: What if your lotion bar is the product that's difficult to apply? You can slice a piece from the bar and soften it to the point of melting  (double boiler or microwave). For extra damaged skin that requires a thick coat of lotion, you could even "paint" the melted lotion on with a pastry brush. Wrap with a bandage or cloth and allow to "set" until fully absorbed. This is especially useful for diabetic leg dryness.

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