Beesilk Junior

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"It’s great for babies but also great for aging skin which becomes dryer and thinner..." -Ella

When dealing with mild cases of eczema on extra sensitive skin, Beesilk Junior is our recommended choice. Packed with shea butter, Beesilk Junior is the product of choice for delicate skin that doesn't need the intensity of hardness and protection that the Beesilk hard lotion bar provides (i.e., babies, young children, or those dealing with extreme skin issues). Beesilk Jr feels more like a lanolin, but with easy application.

Ingredients: 76 degree refined coconut oil, unbleached beeswax, refined shea butter

What's the difference between the Beesilk Hard Lotion bar and our new Beesilk Jr? Watch the video to find out. Not quite a salve, more like a balm, most like a lanolin.


  • Long-lasting lotion
  • Easier to apply onto delicate skin
  • Nourishes dry skin
  • Relieves some cases of mild eczema
  • Travel-friendly

    Customer Reviews

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    good lotion

    I like the soft lotion as it spreads easier.

    Super product

    So good for someone who has allergies or sensitive skin. It’s great for babies but also great for aging skin which becomes dryer and thinner, this can be applied with a needed softer touch. I had a reaction to a neoprene brace, red, itchy and so irritated it was going open up but this helped immediately, and I could continue with the brace with the beesilk jr and a soft topper dressing (unscented soft tissue, no tape). My irritation is much like a burn (not open), skin feels warm or burning, itchy and sore. I would use this on a burn as well. Burned skin immediately becomes very dry and sensitive, and you want to treat it before it opens from drying out. This would work well.


    I use this on my face. I have dry skin as well as psoriasis. Just a small amount goes a long way. Works great!

    Repeat purchase!

    I love this stuff! I use it on my kids and myself. I use this for just about every thing. I especially love to use it on my feet at night with a few drops of essential oil ❤️

    My Go To

    I uses the Bee Silk Jr for so many things, from chapped lips, to my hands and on my grandsons legs which are very dry. I have also given some to my mother-in-law for her dry skin. It is a very versatile product. Love it.