Simply Soothing Rash Cream

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This is my second order of Rash Cream. This is a wonderful product. I put it on anything I consider a rash. It works on mosquito bites too.... patches of dry skin. I use it when I get a pimple. Everything is corrected the next morning. I love it!!!" -Amy 

What's in Simply Soothing that makes it so effective for rash and other skin issues? It's the zinc oxide! Zinc oxide makes up a good portion of our recipe and you'll find the same effective ingredient in rash cream brands like Desitin... except ours doesn't smell "fishy". 

Does it hurt to apply?  It's a fast-acting cream that is not just pain-free to apply, but has only 3 ingredients. A special combination of coconut oil, zinc oxide and beeswax, Simply Soothing absorbs into the skin, not the diaper.

Choose from a family size or pocket-size tin, or a stick.

Ingredients: 76 degree coconut oil, unbleached beeswax, & non-nano, uncoated zinc oxide

To apply, scoop a small amount of butter from the tin and apply to the rash. The rash cream works best at room temperatures above 70 degrees. Cooler temperatures cause the cream to be "harder" and require additional warming by swiping with the finger.


  • Easy to apply
  • No scent
  • Works for cloth diapers
  • Pain-free application
  • Travel-friendly

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 289 reviews
    Jori Bates
    works quickly to relieve the itch from hives

    I love having the simply soothing rash cream in the stick form. I quite often get hives and this works so quickly to relieve the itch!

    Sandra Black
    Rash cream

    Just tried the cream on a zit on my face and it was cleared up the next morning.

    Rebecca Langford
    I haven’t used it yet but

    I’m sure it will be wonderful, every product from hard lotion has been. Wish it had been around when my girls were in diapers! We struggled with rash a lot and nothing much helped.

    use it on all the ouchies

    Originally got this to try on my husband's psoriasis break-outs. It might have helped but not practical for the volume he needs. However, the stick is great for all the kids owies and scratches. And in the stick they can apply it themselves!

    Dena Upshaw
    Simply Soothing….so simple!

    I intended to use this as a gift, but when my face got all chapped and wind-burned over the weekend I was looking for something to soothe and restore. This little tube of simple goodness filled the bill! After using for just a day or 2, the tight, chapped, burning skin on my face is soft, smooth and moisturized. It feels so much better. It’s not just for a baby’s bum!

    Hard to beat

    As a mom of a kiddo with multiple food sensitivities and subsequent skin reactions, we are so grateful for a clean product with well-sourced ingredients that we can use proactively as well as when his skin is irritated. Thank you, Renee and family, for providing these products!

    Betsy M.
    Always around!

    I have 5 kids and we use this for everything!!! It is even so soft and gentle on the skin that I let my five year old carry it in her book bag for when she needs it and I’m not around. I would recommend this for ANY age.

    Gina White

    My grandson had a rash on his neck, and diaper rash, and it worked on both right away?

    Donna Hill
    Simply Soothing Rash Cream

    This product has been a Godsend! The dermatologist keeps giving me steroid creams that are only a temporary solution because the rash comes back within a week of stopping. I am happy to say that I am off the steroids and use this rash cream if I see a hint of it coming back. I just love this so much! Thank you for such a wonderful product.