Lip Balm Natural Unscented

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You'll find that MadeOn's natural lip balm is the only lip balm needed to keep your lips from cracking and constantly feeling dry. 

Ingredients: 76 degree coconut oil, unbleached beeswax, naturally refined shea butter

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I usually am not one for unflavored lip balm but I really like this one! It’s very smooth and lasts a long time. I highly recommended.

Love this stuff

I used to be addicted to chapstick. I had to have some in my pocket at all times and used it several times a day. I switched to this lip balm, and it actually *healed* my lips. Now I can just put it on once in the morning, and my lips feel great all day. Sometimes I even skip a day.

Also, I've been known to keep an extra around as a "spot treatment" for when my kids have dry skin. The lip balm seems a tad softer than the lotion bars, and the size and shape is really convenient for little hands.

The natural lip balm is the bomb!

The natural lip balm is always good for my lips, but I also like to keep one in my purse or pocket to use on my finger tips and knuckles in the winter. Thank you for making a great product!

Thicker than expected, but enjoyable.

My lower lip loves drying and flaking right along the line where my lips meet. This is frustrating as I've always been told my lips are one of my nicer features. With how worthless commercial lip balms are and how short-term the use of coconut oil is, I was excited to find this product.

After about a week of periodic use; the fault line of brittle, flaky skin is just about healed. The balm itself coats a bit thicker than I expected, as both beeswax and shea butter have a heaviness to their wear. As I've not worn lipstick historically, I'm not used to feeling my lips "wear" anything. I counter this feeling by rubbing some liquid coconut oil on pre-emptively, to soften the flesh and slicken the glide. The coat of balm comes off thinner this way (or at least feels like it does), but still makes for a fantastic coat that then seals in the extra moisture I've already applied, whilst adding it's own for softness longevity. Now my lips really *are* one of my best features.

Good but grainy texture

I have one of these lip balms that I received either as a free sample or maybe part of the bundle package. I found the texture to be rough and grainy as I put it on. Once it is completely melted on the lips it’s wonderful but I’m not crazy about that initial application feel.

Joanne, The lip balm should definitely not be grainy. Thank you for letting me know. We will ship out a new natural lip balm next week. -Renee