Second Life Hair Butter

  • $6.95

Struggling with kinky, coarse, frizzy, or fly-away hair? Second Life Hair Butter combines shea butter and coconut oil to add moisture and oils to your hair, with just enough beeswax to add texture and style.  

Ingredients: 76 degree coconut oil, unbleached beeswax, naturally refined shea butter, orange essential oil

To apply, scoop a small amount of butter from the tin and rub between your fingers to melt. Then apply to hair and/or scalp. Can be used on wet or dry hair, and can be a leave-in conditioner. It only takes a small amount!



  • Long-lasting hair butter
  • Light orange scent
  • Adds needed oil to dry hair
  • A little goes a long way
  • Travel-friendly

Customer Reviews

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Second Life hair butter

Love this stuff! My curly hair stays straight after I blow dry it with this balm...even the next day! When I leave my hair naturally curly, it does not frizz!

Hair Butter

Overall the product was okay. I still have some hair that does not lay down with the hair butter

Softer hair!

I've used this on my dry hair to soften the coarseness & to tame the frizz & have also used it on my wet hair to detangle & define curls. We have hard water & dry, cold winters so hair butter has been a huge blessing for better feeling hair. Easy to adjust how much to use. A little goes a long way.

Hair butter

Really liked the hair butter! It smelled good and kept my hair from getting frizzy.

Hair butter

An amazing product! I have long, wavy, course hair that tangles and knots really bad especially at the back of my neck, when wearing hoodies and jackets. It just takes a tiny bit worked thru the tangles and knots to be able to comb out easily. I would highly recommend, especially for children with tangles.