Second Life Hair Butter

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Struggling with kinky, coarse, frizzy, or fly-away hair? Second Life Hair Butter combines shea butter and coconut oil to add moisture and oils to your hair, with just enough beeswax to add texture and style.  

Ingredients: 76 degree coconut oil, unbleached beeswax, naturally refined shea butter, orange essential oil

To apply, scoop a small amount of butter from the tin and rub between your fingers to melt. Then apply to hair and/or scalp. Can be used on wet or dry hair, and can be a leave-in conditioner. It only takes a small amount!



  • Long-lasting hair butter
  • Light orange scent
  • Adds needed oil to dry hair
  • A little goes a long way
  • Travel-friendly

Customer Reviews

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Great product

I have frizzy dry hair. I love this product much more than the similar store product made with silicone. I brought this to my hairdresser. She loved the scent & thought it was nice for her hands too.

Best leave in Conditioner for my hair!!

I use Second Life Hair Butter, everyday!!! My hair used to be coarse but over the years, it has become more fine and fly away. This helps me so much to maintain control. Giving to my granddaughter who has long wavy hair, too❤️❤️

Amazing scent!

I have long hair and this works great on my dry ends. It smells so good - I adore the orange scent. But because it is only four healthy, natural ingredients, I can use it for hair, skin and lips as well! I find myself using it so often!

Very surprised!

I was skeptical that this little can would go very far. I have shoulder length fine curly hair. I used this product on wet hair after shampooing and conditioning. I took and rubbed the three middle fingers of both hands over the product a few times. Took a very small scraping on the back of a nail and fingered it through my hair. What a great detangler. When I used to use a mix of other products more hair would come out while combing. There was still some hair in the comb, but less than normal. It did not leave my hair greasy and weighed down. I've been using this for a little over a week in conjunction with the shampoo bar from MadeOn and another brand conditioner. I do not notice the fragrance.

Must-have product!

This butter really does give your hair a second-life! It comes as a solid in a tin, and you rub your fingers in it to warm it up (because it's solid, it doesn't melt at room temperature so you don't have to worry about gooping large amounts onto your hair). It spreads easily, like a light coat of healthy oils from your fingertips to the ends of your hair. I use it as a leave-in conditioner on my dry hair (the ends only). I find that the next time I shower, my ends feel more moisturized - almost like they have a protective layer of waterproof moisture on them. The only complaint I have is the smell of this product. For some reason, the orange essential oil smells tart to me - not sweet. So I'm not too fond of the smell, but the results are incredible. I use the MadeOn Shampoo Bar (plain, without a vinegar rinse) and then when my hair is dry I use this hair butter to condition my ends. My hair is absolutely AMAZING now and I cannot believe the positive change. Such a difference (very healthy, bouncy, full of life, moisturized). I ordered the family size, and at the rate of use, this tin will last me years.
Renee, do you have any dry shampoo recommendations?