Lip Balm Tinted

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Color your lips naturally with a touch of color. This long-lasting lip balm not only nourishes your lips and fixes any chapped lip issues, it gives you just the right amount of color to make it your go-to stick to quickly apply on your way out the door.

Choose from: Crimson Rose, French Plum and Copper Glow.

Ingredients: 76 degree refined coconut oil, unbleached beeswax, cocoa butter, iron oxide (Copper Glow also has added titanium dioxide and mica)

  • Nourishing ingredients
  • Long-lasting on the lips
  • Earth-tone colors
  • Safe ingredients

Customer Reviews

Based on 249 reviews
I gave up lipstick!

love these little beauties and use them daily. I have rather pale lips, yellow undertones, and freckles on my face. The Copper Glow is great for a natural little shimmer with the tiniest hint of color. French Plum is my daily wear with a nice neutral amount of color that makes my face feel balanced, finished and ready for the day. The Crimson Rose is a nice burst of color for a brighter look, but transparent enough that it doesn’t look caked on.
All these colors go on smoothly and give just the right amount of tint.
I have learned the hard way that when I keep them in my pocket the lip balms warm up and it is a little harder to control the color. My favorite way to apply them is at room temperature. That way they are consistently pretty.

LOVE the French Plum!!

Not only is this a great product but the color is spot-on for me! I love how is gives my lips just the right amount of color and it's long lasting too. I have thrown out all other lipstick that had been in my bag and only use this and the chocolate mint. I will NOT use any other product!


I love that the colors are buildable. Lightly swipe for barely there tint, or brush it boldly for more color. I have fair skin, naturally blonde hair & have found Crimson Rose to be my favorite color of the three options. It gives my lips a natural “just bitten” hue that matches my natural coloring, but better!

Be careful to NOT leave these in the sun or a warm car, as the lip balm WILL separate and the colorant will no longer be consistent. (RIP, French Plum.)

Love the French Plum

This lip balm goes on really well and stays put. It gives my lips such a pretty color and makes them look and feel great!


We don’t wear make up. We liked that this went on smooth and gives a bit of color. Not overpowering. Copper glow is perfect for younger girls, and as it is safe ingredients.