BeeCool Muscle Balm

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"This feels so amazing on my sore muscles. I rubbed it onto my upper back and neck muscles and was pleasantly relaxed for bed." -Megan

MadeOn’s BeeCool Muscle Balm Lotion Stick provides relief from joint pain and soreness. Your overworked skin feels immediate “cool” relief within minutes of applying the balm.

Ingredients: beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, menthol crystals, essential oils of tea tree and peppermint. Use caution for children under the age of 12 and keep away from the eyes or other sensitive areas.

Listen in on what long-time customer Kathleen thinks of BeeCool: 

Customer Reviews

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Melinda Ott

Love this! Have it in my desk drawer at work, in my purse and my nightstand.
Helps sore muscles from a kinked neck and with cramps. I use it for headaches. A little under my nose if stuffy and it clears my sinus enough to breathe. Also under my nose if other people around me have too much fragrance.
Thank you Madeon Skincare for this great product!

Rebecca Curtis

Very handy & effective. Used it traveling, but will, also, be great for my biking & running packs!

Em Cross
It Works!

Bee Cool really does work to relieve tight muscles! What a wonderful and simple solution ro muscles so tight they ache and need to come back to peace.

How much better than any other proposed solution for me! I will keep buying this!

Immediate Relief

I was painting our kitchen ceiling, and my neck and shoulder started to hurt. I grabbed my BeeCool stick, rubbed it on the sore area, and felt better right away. It allowed me to keep painting for quite awhile before becoming uncomfortable again.

Amye Lewis
Great cooling effect

The Bee Cool is that, a great cooling effect, that has reduced stiffness in my neck.

Great product!

I use this on my forehead (avoid eye area) to relieve tension. Works quickly and helps me relax. Love it!

Abigail Beaubien
Great product!

I love the bee cool stick! Gave this to my grandpa for Christmas to help with the arthritis in his fingers and leg cramps. I personally use this for my hubby and I for occasional headaches, back pain (we haul a lot of wood) and neck soreness, works great!

BeeCool Muscle Balm

When needed the BeeCool Muscle Balm is wonderful....really does help the soreness and the coolness of the balm is great - much better then any over the counter stuff and I would never go back to anything over the counter.

Pat Luchs
So many uses!

I first got Bee Cool for my husband's sore neck and back. Since it helped him, when my son had a headache with tight neck muscles he tried it. It's the only thing we've tried that actually helped him feel better! In the meantime, I've been struggling with eczema. On a whim I tried Bee Cool on the itchy skin and received almost immediate relief! The eczema is still there, but Bee Cool definitely calms the itchiness for me. We always keep some with us now!