Rewards Program


It will replaced with a new VIP Customer program.

The remaining points balance earned so far will be turned into a discount code for you to use (you should see this in your email inbox by March 10th, 2022. Look for the subject line "You've unlocked a reward!"  If you don't see it, contact us at

We will keep the program open but without the ability to earn points, for a week, so that you can access your account. We will also have all of the data downloaded on March 4th in case you have questions about your points or need us to access them. 


What if I have a code already issued while the rewards program was active? You can certainly use it.

But please note: If it returns the following message: "Unable to find a valid discount matching the code entered", then it has been used by you on a previous order. (Watch the video explanation below.)

Will you replace the rewards program with something else?  Yes!  Customers will begin on a VIP tier based on past orders, in the category of Bronze, Silver and Gold. As you place orders, you will move up the tier and during our quarterly VIP Shopping Days, you'll be given an opportunity to take advantage of extra special deals specific to your VIP status.

Can you check to see if I have unused rewards codes? Yes, but the quickest way to get this information is to follow these simple steps:

  1. Look in your inbox for an email from MadeOn Skin Care with the subject line: You've unlocked a reward! 
  2. Grab the code from the email and apply it at checkout (make sure you're logged in at 
  3. If the code works, you have a code to use. If you receive the message "Unable to find a valid discount matching the code entered", then it has been used on a previous order you have placed, and it will not work.
  4. Note: only one code at a time can be used per order.

So what exactly were the technical difficulties with the program? Points were always tracked 100% of the time and customers were able to use them with no issues 80% of the time. We ran into issues with another app and it came down to choosing between the two apps. The confusion came when the program would show the customer that a code was issued but not spent, yet we could clearly see on the back end that the code was used by the customer. Want the full explanation? Here's a video showing you: 

Here's what we see when we log in to check past orders:

Thank you for your patience! We promise to make this unfortunate event into something very worthwhile for you. And as always, customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Email us at if you have any questions.