100 POINTS for registering an account with us! That's just the beginning. When you're on our store site, you should see a green button pop up to tell you more about the program. Click the button and start earning your way to free products!



  1. To check your points status, simply log into your account and look at the top, right corner. You should show the number of points you have to spend. Every 10 dollars spent gives you 100 points, and as soon as you earn points, you'll be notified.
  2. You can earn points by: registering an account (100 pts), making a purchase (10 pts for every $1 spent), liking on Facebook, sharing on Facebook or following on Instagram (50 pts each).
  3. You can also refer your friends and earn. (15% off for you and $5 to your friend).
  4. If you placed your past orders anonymously, you can still register an account on our website and points from past purchases will be updated to your rewards account! Plus you'll still earn the 100 points for registering an account. 
  5. Rewards points are spent on products! We have several customers who have already earned over $25 in products!

madeon rewards points


  • I have my rewards code to get my $$ off, but I can't find on your cart page where to put the code.  ANSWER: When you check out, hit the brown check out button, regardless of whether you plan to check out with Paypal or credit card. Then, on the following page you'll see where you can put the code. It's trickier to find if you're checking out on a mobile device. I have a short video explaining where to find it:   (basically, on the final cart page click the blue "show order summary" link and you'll see it.)
  • I've been a customer for years but didn't get my rewards points transferred when you emailed us about it. Is it too late? No. If you've been a customer who's purchased over 6 months ago and had a customer history with us, we can look that up and roll those over. 
  • Help! I can't figure out how to set up, view, or redeem my points! Here's a short video to help you out:
  • I don't need this information today, but I'd like to have it easily accessible in the future. Can you put it somewhere on your website? Yes! Look for the BLOG link at the top of the website. If it's not on the first page, you can find the tags to the right and click on "rewards" or "points". Here's the direct link
  • I know I've ordered in the past few months but I don't show any points. Help? You may not have had an account registered with us when you ordered (i.e., you checked out anonymously). Good news, though... as long as you use the same email on your next order, you can still register and get all those points applied. 
  • What if I STILL have issues trying to redeem my points? You can either find me inside the store website on LiveChat (it may pop up while you're shopping), you can reply to this email, or you can go ahead and place your order and I can adjust your points or apply a refund to redeem points. My goal is to make this as easy and as hassle-free as possible for you!