Lavender All Purpose Roller Bottle

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Lavender All-Purpose Roller Bottle: Jojoba oil and lavender essential oil in a roller bottle can be used as a perfume, an anti-stress stick, or a boo-boo oil.

Ingredients: jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis), Lavender Essential Oil   10mL

Customer Reviews

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Roller bottles are awesome and this one is top notch. I got a burn on my hand shortly after receiving this and it worked beautifully to help it heal. It now has a permanent spot in my bathroom for quick access.

Cari W.
Love this lavender scent!

Absolutely LOVE this roller. I'm sensitive to perfumes and often do not care for lavender scent, but this roller ball is the perfect lavender scent perfume roller. Thank you MadeOn!

Wonderful scent

I thought the scent may be too strong but this is a nice soft scent. Many love lavender, (especially so when it’s a “real” lavender scent.) This roller has a delicate scent, a nice “perfume” for those who can’t or don’t choose to wear perfume. It can be calming or relaxing AND makes a lovely gift, any time of the year!

Andrea Harrelson
Nice smell

I wasn’t sure I’d like this but it smells great! So easy to use too.

David Atherton
My lady loves it!

I’m a trucker so didn’t get to see her face when I told her please open my box for me. She was super excited and said please tell me this lavender is for me! When I said yes, she put some on immediately and said it smelled super good. I can’t wait to get home so I can enjoy it to.


Great addition to my arsenal! Quality product, easy to use.

Joy J

I am in love with this lavender roll-on!!! The smell is so refreshing without any weird unnatural odors, and it works for everything from a headache to a bug bite. I use it daily in place of any perfume and on scratches and bug bites. It really takes the sting and itch out of a bite. This is one of those items that I keep in multiple places around the house and in my purse. I love it that much! A great product that I will continue to buy and keep extras on hand because I would hate to be out of this even for one day.

Joyce Hutchins
Lavender Roll-on

Wonderful lavender roll-on! So easy to use and the scent if great!

Lavender at its best...

Smells great and so simple to use...