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Aleta Samford
Soothing Rash Cream

So cool and soothing! The nature of my eczema takes on several forms. This cream helped best on what looked like smooth rashes. Great product!

Jennifer Crawford
Rash Cream

This works well, I had a couple of areas with some soft of rash & this has helped, it's mostly gone. I also put the Shea Facial Emollient on it. This is a great product.

Simply soothing Rash lotion

I purchased this in the stick form for my daughter-in-law to use on our seven month old grandson who has eczema on his back and ankles. I just saw him yesterday and took a look at his eczema and it is so so much improved. She is very pleased and thankful. Thank you for such a great product.


I LOVE this rash cream! I use it on all of my kids and especially my baby! It doesn’t stain my cloth diapers or clothes if it touches it.

Great for all kinds of things

For starters, this is my go-to gift for baby showers and new moms. It works great on diaper rash, but I have used it for scrapes, scratches, rashes, etc. on little and big people alike.

Great Stuff!!

I have multiple skin issues, from very thin skin, to dermatitis, to unknown rashes and highly allergic to any kind of insect bite or sting. I literally need to take Benadryl to ease the itching. Having said that, I tried the Simply Smoothing Rash Cream and it is excellent. It really does calm the itching and fully moisturizes my skin. Highly recommend.

Hilary Young
Clears up diaper rash fast

I was using your junior product on baby's bum until the soothing rash lotion arrived. Your regular lotion helped so much my little one hardly gets a rash. So now if there's the slightest pink I put soothing rash on, and it clears it up quick.

When I first got your bee silk lotion years ago, I was making my own sunscreen by crudely mixing zinc oxide and the simplest form of liquid lotion I could find. It did the job, not pretty though. And after using hard lotion, I just couldn't buy another liquid lotion with all those extra ingredients. I'm not sure why it took me so long to connect the dots. But I love your soothing rash lotion. It goes on so easily and absorbs quickly, I think this will be great for sunscreen when we need it on our face. Can't wait to try it out.

Thank you Renee for another awesome product.

Toni Houghton
Great products!

Soothing is right! It reaches small areas, feels good and helps heal rashes

New diaper rash cream

I've never tried a diaper rash cream with zinc oxide in it, because all those I saw had other odd ingredients in them. This one was a great exception :) The ingredients are clean and the cream has been great for my son's diaper rash. So glad we tried this :)