Are you allergic to your laundry detergent?

[In this post I talk about my favorite laundry soap company and why my family switched to them. Some links in this article are affiliate links, meaning if you purchase the product, we'll get a bit of kickback (to buy more laundry soap!) and you get introduced to a fabulous new company.]

One out of every 5 people suffer from some kind of allergy.

This might actually be the main reason you shop with us - it's easy to shop for skin care products that have fewer than 10 ingredients (our most popular lotion bar - Beesilk - has only 3). 

If you have an allergy, you deserve to find out what's causing it.

Let's say you're still working on figuring out what's triggering an eczema or rash outbreak and you know to look at:

  • Food allergens like dairy, eggs, wheat, and nuts
  • Stress
  • Your environment (house mold, trees/pollen)
  • Cosmetics and skin care products
  • Household cleaners
Have you thought about your laundry detergent as your allergen trigger?

WebMD lists symptoms of allergic reactions as redness, scaling, oozing blisters, itching and burning. Swelling, hives and sun sensitivity are some additional signs of an allergic reaction. 

Have you ever put on your shirt, only to have immediate itching and even a rash develop?

If you develop not only a skin reaction, but it also extends to the nose, throat and lungs, you may have what's called allergic dermatitis that could be triggered by the ingredients, preservatives, dyes, or fragrances in your laundry detergent.

Irritant dermatitis means the skin condition is targeting the area that is coming in contact with the clothing affected by the ingredients, preservatives, dyes, or fragrances in your laundry detergent.

Either way, you and your skin is suffering, and it's time to do something about it.

3 Steps to Determine Whether You're Allergic to your Laundry Detergent:

  1. Does the affected skin condition look similar to eczema, dry skin or a rash? If so, it may be caused by your detergent.
  2. Is the affected area in a place that touches your clothing?
  3. Have you recently changed your laundry detergent?

If you've answered yes to any of the above questions, you may want to try switching detergents. 

How long can a rash or other skin condition remain if it's due to the laundry detergent?

Change your laundry detergent and then begin treatment on your rash or other skin condition. Expect it to take 2-4 weeks to clear (or sooner if you try our Simply Soothing Rash Cream on it.)

Which laundry detergent do I use for my family?

For the past few years, I've used Truly Free Laundry Soap (formerly known as My Green Fills). It's a subscription laundry soap provider that ships me just the right amount of laundry soap needed every month. I'm free to adjust the products to fit my needs but we've been more than happy with their laundry soap. 

Why Truly Free is better than my homemade laundry soap:

Pop Quiz: Have you ever made your own laundry soap? You know, the one with Borax and Fels Naptha…

The reasons are many:

  1. it’s cost-effective
  2. it’s easy to make
  3. you’re in control of the ingredients

Those were my reasons.

But I also had reasons to eventually stop:

  1. got too busy
  2. became a hassle
  3. wondered if it would ruin my HE washing machine
  4. clothes were “smelly”

My heroic attempt at taking care of my family was met with “the family smell.” Every family has one, and I’m sensitive to that. I went back to store-bought, eco-friendly laundry detergent from Costco. 

Add to this that I’m married to a man who, if left in charge of buying laundry detergent, would pick up the most effective, super-concentrated, pour-on-the-bleach-if-necessary, detergent on the shelf. Yet, his skin will itch like crazy if it comes in contact with any kind of dryer sheet.

That’s about the time when I first heard about Truly Free.

I started up my monthly subscription, choosing first their scented laundry soap (they also have the unscented option).  After a few washes, the gross, musty smell was gone, and the clothes were CLEAN and fluffy coming out of the dryer. Over a couple of years of using the soap, our HE washing machine has no issues with the soap. No fake floral scent, our whites look white and our colors are bright, and everything smells FRESH. 

Bonus: my husband 100% approves.

That’s not all.

Truly Free has a Stain Stick that I used on an oil spot that was set in one of my favorite shirts! I used it last week. It completely removed the stain.

And the Dryer Angel! My girls love this. This is far better than any dryer sheet. 

Finally, no more of “that DIY laundry soap is kinda-sorta working…” that I used to have when I made my own. No more guilt of using products that work on clothes, but are full of bad ingredients.

I love that I have resource I can point our customers to for a safe and effective laundry soap. If you haven't yet tried it, give them a try and let me know what you think. You'll likely get a great first-time offer that's a no-brainer to test it:

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