My Buttered Life: Skin Care Series (5 e-books)

My Buttered Life: Skin Care Series (5 e-books)

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Learn how to make 20 different skin care products, from baby products to toothpaste. 

All 5 ebooks are contained in this bundle. Essentially, you are getting 5 for the price of 4. 

Bonus: Act on Your Craft  Now you're ready to sell! Whether it's handcrafted jewelry, or skin care, everything you need to know to get started with selling your wares at craft fairs and farmer's markets.

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Great Recipes

I may have written a previous post but I wanted to share that I have been using my recipes for several years now and can’t praise them highly enough. It’s winter and once again I have friends complaining about dry skin. I immediately make the baby balm and hard lotion bar for them. The recipes are use basic ingredients and are simple to follow. This is one purchase you will be glad you made!

Great Recipes

The DIY recipes are great. They provide variations from the basic Beesilk bar to use for many different purposes.

Great reference

All 5 books are wonderful to read. Written as if the author was in the kitchen with me watching over my shoulder. It's nice to have all the recipes in one place and the advice on doing craft shows and farmers markets is invaluable.

Was hoping for more

I feel like all the recipes in these books were the same as the ones offered on the website for free. The only thing nice about ordering the books is now I have a hard copy forever. The recipes are great, but I was hoping for more than what's offered on the website already.

Buttered life bundle

If you are looking to create your own products. These are the books for you.