Lip Balm Tinted

  • $10.00

Color your lips naturally with a touch of color. This long-lasting lip balm not only nourishes your lips and fixes any chapped lip issues, it gives you just the right amount of color to make it your go-to stick to quickly apply on your way out the door.

Choose from: Crimson Rose, French Plum and Copper Glow.

Ingredients: 76 degree refined coconut oil, unbleached beeswax, cocoa butter, iron oxide (Copper Glow also has added titanium dioxide and mica)

  • Nourishing ingredients
  • Long-lasting on the lips
  • Earth-tone colors
  • Safe ingredients

Customer Reviews

Based on 311 reviews
Anne-Marie Rodrigues
Love this lip balm.

I ordered the French Plum. I use this lip balm every day and I like the fact that it adds a little bit of colour to my lips. It has a very nourishing feel. When I don't feel like wearing lipstick, this is a great way to have a little bit of colour without having the feeling of sticky lips.

Missy McKenzie
Love this lip balm!!

Ordered Crimson with Melissa K. Norris’ promo code and love it!! I will definitely be ordering the other colors soon! Also, thanks for the lotion bar sample! Did you know it works great at removing leftover eye black from teenage baseball players faces?!?

Sharon Douthat
French Plum lip balm

I really like the color of this lip balm and wear alone and under lipstick. It will always soften any dry, chapped lips.

Ernestine Conyers
Chapped Lips Gone Forever!!!

This is a great product. I have had issues with lipstick in the past causing chapped lips. This product does not cause any issues and keeps my lips supple. I can use as much or little as I want for the depth in color. LOVE IT!!!!

Wyonah Rivera

I am not to sure if it gets better than this!! The consistency, smell, color and longevity of these little tinted lip balm are quite the deal. 3 ingredience!! these will be my new go to for lipstick!

Best tinted lip balm!

Absolutely the best lip balm I have ever tried. I no longer have to worry about what I am ingesting with these ingredients.

Deanna Blanchard
Best Lip Balm Ever!

This lip balm is just fabulous. The color lingers far longer than any other tinted lip balm I've tried. And it looks so natural. Plus, it keeps my normally dry lips smooth and healthy. Seriously, this is a win-win!

LOVE these!

I got French Plum and Crimson Rose and both are gorgeous. I was afraid Crimson Rose would be too orange but it's jsut the perfect tint of red for me. The plum is a nice take on brandname "black honey" only I can trust the ingredients! Ordering more now!

Laura Morris
Wheres the rose in crimson rose?

So disappointed in the color which is a rust tint. It is rust colored on my wrist and lips. Maybe a bad batch? I read reviews and no indication that the color has no visible rose tint. Not a pretty color on me or my daughters. Paid full price and shipping and cannot wear because color is not attractive and I do not want to risk ordering another color. Laura Morris

Hi Laura,
I am so sorry to hear about your experience with the Crimson Rose. I would be happy to send you a 3 pack of all of our colors so that you can try them all, and see if the new Crimson Rose is the same as the one you previously received​​.
Would you like me to send you the new ones to try?
Kerry Chamberlain