$25 MadeOn Cash Card

$25 MadeOn Cash Card

  • $20.00
  • Save $5

We are super excited to introduce physical gift card discount codes that you can purchase in our store. When you add one to your order, you'll be receiving it in the mail, as in, it will be shipped to you or to a friend. You will not receive a separate email with the code, so you do need to keep the card along with the digits. The code is typed on the back of the physical gift card.

For now, we're offering each for $20!

Why do we call it a Cash Card?

  • Unlike a regular gift card, you cannot combine this with another discount code or cash card
  • You must use it all or lose it - there's no remaining balance that will carry over to a future purchase
  • The amount does not apply toward shipping. So, while you can easily use the $25 on products, you would still need to pay shipping (on orders less than $45... orders above $45 get free shipping)

These are super attractive. They come with a lime green envelope and a place for you to put the gift giver and receiver's names.

These are super handy to have on hand when you need a baby gift, a gift for guys (our lotion bars work great for men, too, as do our shaving bars), something to tuck into a Christmas stocking, or just to have on hand in a gift basket for when you have visitors.

I think you'll be super happy with how classy they are - they're perfect for the hard-to-shop-for person.

Enjoy our new cash cards!

Customer Reviews

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Nice gift

As a gift, it lets someone pick out a product (products) of their choice with a minimal cost to themselves. It also makes a nice gift for You!!

Great card for wonderful products

The gift cards are a great gift/incentive to try new products or to restock on wonderful products running low. Great for gifting to others or stocking your own Christmas stocking. : )


Be sure to read how these "gift cards" work so you're not surprised at checkout! Each card is more like a discount than a payment method. You can only use one discount per purchase, so if you want to use your "gift card", you won't be able to take advantage of one of MadeOn's discount codes. Also, you MUST use all of the "gift card" amount at once... no remaining balance is available, and the amount is applied only to the product total, never on shipping. And with the way these work, realize that after you apply your $25 "gift card", you would need to purchase $45 MORE in products to qualify for free shipping.

I do hope that typical gift cards (ones that can be used as a payment method) are in the works for the future! I bought my gift cards as part of a bundle and as a special post-checkout purchase, so I never read the description on this page.

Add on gift card

I love your add on options. This gift card was a great one.

Present for my sister

I’m giving this to my sister she is a nurse and needs good hand cream and the bee cool stick. I just wanted her to try a few items and this is the best way to do it, thanks.