Beesilk pocket and natural lip balm

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Love this product, I ordered four for my family that lives out of state." -Brigat

With just 3 ingredients (beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil),  you'll experience immediate relief from dry, cracked skin that you get from frequent hand washing and dry, winter weather. Our natural lip balm will bring immediate relief to dry, chapped lips. 


  • Long-lasting lotion
  • Non-greasy
  • Nourishes extremely dry skin
  • Relieves some cases of mild skin conditions
  • Travel-friendly

Customer Reviews

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Gina White
Love this

Every fall, it gets so dry here in Las Vegas. This lotion bar is wonderful. I use it all over. Definitely recommend!!

Sunshine May Climaco

I have a lot of trouble with my eczema on my hands. There aren’t a lot of products that really help that well but with the beesilk bar lotion it’s been getting better. It’s not completely healed yet but it feels like it’ll completely go away within a few days. My fingers used to crack and burn but now I barely notice the pain.


I have used BEECOOL for several ears, mostly for my sinuses. I have many allergies and my nose stuffs up. So I put BEECOOL on my sinuses and within minutes I can breathe normally after my sinuses drain. It never fails to work for me!i
I do t want to be out of it ever!

Perfect for Lichen

I have a autoimmune problem called lichen sclerosis and the only treatment the doctor recommends is a harsh steroid cream.
It dries out the skin and in my opinion makes it worse. I have used your bee silk junior in lavender scent and is moisturizing and making the skin heal!!
Thank you
So much for this natural product!!!

Judy Kunkler
Bee Silk tin

I cut these bars up into smaller pieces, putting them in a smaller container that I keep in my bedside drawer and use very generously on my feet, legs and arms before bed. Works great while I sleep leaving me with very smooth soft skin!


Just what I have been looking for for years. Looking forward to this winter. Thank you so much

Wonderful for eczema and heels

The lotion bar works wonders for eczema and dry heels.

Order more than one tin!

My dry heals looked better within days of use. My daughter has terribly dry cuticles and they are showing improvement. I only ordered one full size tin, I need several throughout the house, I should have ordered more!

Ml Chin
Eczema relief

My son has gone through a terrible eczema break out with cold sores.
I tried beesilk lotion bar first and 2 days later add rash cream..
We changed our diet and wash laundry often
Now 9 days later , His skin has recovered 80%
I am very thankful for the company’s health journey to provide such great product for all the skin sufferers