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Goat Milk Soap

Goat Milk Soap

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "If there is better soap, I've never had it.  The smell is perfect and leaves the skin feeling great..." -Chris

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Did you know that your store-bought soap might be irritating your skin? Many soaps purchased in the store have ingredients that strip the skin of its natural oils. Worse are the anti-bacterial soaps that kill not only the bad bacteria but the good bacteria that protect you from diseases in the first place.


What makes Goat Milk Soap a Better Alternative? Natural goat milk contains natural alpha-hydroxy acids which help in the removal of dead skin cells. Over time, if dead skin cells are not removed, they will build up on the surface of the skin, giving the appearance of weathering and aging. Pure goat milk is less allergenic than other soaps. People with skin conditions have credited goat milk soap with reducing associated inflammation, skin flaking, and itching.

Soap made with goat milk is especially nourishing and healthy for all skin types. Traditional body cleansers found in stores tend to dry the skin and are filled with extra chemicals, fragrances, and coloring that your body doesn't need. All our soaps have been saponified using sodium hydroxide (lye). No lye is left after the saponification process.

Milk & Honey Soap  (5 ingredients! by Mountain Girl Soap) olive oil, organic coconut oil, raw goat milk,  organic shea butter, raw honey  4.25 oz

Lavender Swirl Soap (6 ingredients! by Mountain Girl Soap)  olive oil, organic coconut oil, raw goat milk,  organic shea butter, lavender essential oil, ultramarine purple* 4.25 oz


Pumpkin Spice Soap Limited edition! Only available during the fall season (By Mountain Girl Soap) olive oil, organic coconut oil, raw goat milk, organic shea butter, pumpkin, essential oils of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, clove bud and cardamom  4.25 oz 

Peppermint Soap: olive oil, organic coconut oil, raw goat milk,  organic shea butter, Peppermint Essential Oil, Iron Oxide (Red) 4.25 oz

Christmas Wreath Soap (Fir Needle): olive oil, organic coconut oil, raw goat milk,  organic shea butter, Essential Oils of Abies siberica (Fir Needle), Pinus sylvestris (Pine), Thuja occidentalis (Cedar), and Boswellia carterii (Frankincense), Chromium Oxide (Green)  4.25 oz

Coffee Soap: made with real ground coffee, use this in the kitchen to scrub the garlic and onion odor right off your hands... without drying out your hands as traditional soap does.  Made with olive oil, coconut oil, goat milk, brewed coffee, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, coffee butter, coffee oil, vanilla-infused jojoba oil, coffee beans 4.25 oz

Holiday Soap: made with all your favorite holiday spices and scents, this makes a great gift or use in bathroom to fill the air with the scents of Christmas. Made with olive oil, coconut oil, goat milk, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, essential oils of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove bud, allspice, orange and bay, red iron oxide and activated charcoal 4.25 oz

Pumice Soap by Mountain Girl Soap. Olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, raw goat milk, castor oil, essential oils of tea tree, spearmint and peppermint, Mt. Shasta pumice, alkanet root (for color)  4.25 oz

Triple Butter Soap by Mountain Girl Soap. Olive oil, organic coconut oil, raw goat milk, organic shea butter, Avocado Butter, Mango Butter 4.25 oz

*notes where fragrance oils are used rather than essential oils.

Find our Avocado Facial Cleansing Bar here:

* Our soapmaker's comments on ultramarine purple colorant: What is it?

They are mineral pigments similar to oxides and termed “nature identical”. It means that the powdered pigment is exactly the same chemical structure as the minerals found in the earth, but they are created in a lab to ensure purity. Manufacturing nature identical products keep the bad stuff, like lead and arsenic out of the colorants. Industry-wide, pigments and oxides are labeled as natural in all types of mineral makeup and soaps for this reason because they are nature identical and don’t contain any synthetic dyes. Natural is a tricky term in the cosmetic world because it isn’t a term that is regulated or defined by the FDA.

** Where did our other soap varieties go? At this point, we're scaling down our soap varieties so that we can keep them in stock consistently. Stay on our email list to be notified whenever new seasonal soaps arrive in the store. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Soooo creamy... dreamy

Although I'm a little sensitive to some fragrances (e.g., lavender), even when they are pure essential oils, I absolutely LOVE the milk and honey goat milk bar. It lathers so well and feels so smooth on my skin. Since it is often out of stock, I assume that lots of other folks like it as much as I do, so I try to make sure I always have a supply on hand. I have tried other goat milk soap products, but the milk and honey bars from Made On have, by far, the most creamy luxurious feel.

Judy M
Wonderful results

This soap is my go to new shower soap. Leaves skin soft and moisturised Will try other scents

Love this soap!

My whole family uses this soap! I like that it doesn’t have any scents added and yet it has a nice clean smell! I also love that it has simple and clean ingredients.

Vonda Harwell
Goat Milk Soap

Great soap!


I love this soap. It is so Rich and creamy.

The BEST soap!

I'm so glad I've found this soap! It does great things for my skin! First off I'm no longer feeling slimy after rinsing off the soap. Second, I found that I don't have dry, flaky skin anymore either. Third, I don't itch after a shower anymore. I find all these reasons and more for using rhis soap of any scent.

Jane Fellows
Long lasting soap

I love that these soap bars come in different pleasant scents, don’t dry out my family’s skin, and they last a long time compared to other bars that we have tried. And they’re pretty too!

Angela Wezowicz
Goat milk soap

I have purchased three varieties of the goat milk soap and we like all three. Actually, I think we maybe have tried four. We have tried the milk and honey, the lavender, peppermint, and pumpkin spice. We really really like all of them.
The peppermint is refreshing and the color is so so pretty.
We like the milk and honey soap. It is smooth and silky. Also, there are no added scents in here, so if you have sensitive skin, this is the soap for you.
The pumpkin spice is seasonal and something to look forward to! I like anything pumpkin spice, so if you feel the same, this is right up your alley. I still have some on the side of one of my sinks. It's nice to wash my hands, and does not dry out my skin.
The lavender was perhaps the most surprising choice of all. When I wanted to order the milk and honey soap, my only choice was the lavender. The others were out of stock and we needed soap. I decided to go for it. I admit I was leery of the lavender option as sometimes, lavender (even in essential oil form) can come off strong. This soap is SO pleasant. It is calming and even the men/young boys in my family really like this soap. As a family, this is a pleasing and positive option. Also, It has not bothered any sensitive skin in our home. And bonus: It is SO SO pretty. Truly. This has become a family favorite.
Overall, all the milk and honey soap options are easy on the skin and pleasant to use. We look forward to our milk and honey soap of any variety and we are thankful to have this in our home in place of all that commercial soap!!!
Thank you for an excellent product!

Dorinda Turner
Just lovely!

This soap is the best! It smells wonderful but best of all it does not dry out my skin.