A Nurse's Dry Hands... What Works Best?

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Nurses face so many challenges: overbearing doctors, following a protocol they may not agree with, stressed patients, long hours on their feet.... and extremely dry hands.

The reasons for the dry hands are obvious:

  1. Nurses need to wash their hands constantly to avoid spreading bacteria and to prevent contamination.
  2. The hand sanitizers provided at the hospitals are made with ingredients that strip the skin of their natural oils.
  3. Nurses' medical gloves (latex or powdered) can cause skin allergies.

So when we had a chance to talk to Nicole Whitworth, RN, BSN of www.yournursingtutor.com, we were thrilled that she highly recommended MadeOn Beesilk Lotion Bars for her nursing students' dry hands.

 Key points:

:30 Nicole was pregnant with her 3rd when she decided she was over the pregnancy symptoms and that started her on her crunchy journey.

1:15  She realized all the limitations of modern medicine and sought out better answers with the ingredients she used.

1:50 She started making skin care products from MadeOn's recipe books.  She appreciated the information about the ingredients, specifically the hard lotion bars.  

2:30 She loved the simplicity, convenience, and the fact that there's no water in the lotion.

3:20 She started making her own products with oils and butters.

3:45 She started a business helping nursing students study and pass their courses. She realized nurses need hard lotion bars.

4:40 The antiseptics the hospitals use are so damaging to the hands of the nursing students. 

5:15 Why Nicole prefers the Beesilk Stick over the Beesilk lotion bar.

6:00 She will use the stick religiously on the real trouble spots but she also realizes that the ingredients lock in and protect the skin and it doesn't require a lot of reapplying. She sees how quickly the skin heals from frequent re-application.

7:20 She's been using the products on her son's eczema.

7:40 Kerry recommends a few other MadeOn products for her son's skin. 

Products mentioned in the video:

Beesilk Lotion Bars

Beesilk Jr.

Simply Soothing Rash Cream



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