Collection: Kombucha Kamp Top Picks

Kombucha and I go way back ... it must have been 10 years ago that a visit with my neighbor and her bubbly, tart kombucha made me a quick convert.

Along the way, I heard about Hannah at Kombucha Kamp and that opened my eyes to the many varieties and techniques that go along with successful kombucha brewing.

If you're concerned about the health benefits of what goes into your body, you need to know that the same goes with your skin care. 

Just like the 3 necessities of kombucha are a scoby, tea and sugar, the 3 necessities of a healthy lotion for dry skin are beeswax, coconut oil and shea butter.

It's all you need in a Beesilk Lotion Bar to fix dry, cracked skin. 

After that, you'll learn that more skin care can be made with few ingredients... like lip balm, rash cream and hair butter. 

Just like kombucha, there's a whole new HEALTHY world to discover with MadeOn products.

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