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Beesilk Lotion Bar Full Size in Tin

Beesilk Lotion Bar Full Size in Tin

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "With the winter dryness and almost constant hand-washing my hands have suffered, I love the Beesilk lotion bar!" -Alta
madeon skincare only 3 ingredients

What's in the Beesilk Lotion Bar that makes it so effective to fix the cuts and splits in your skin?  Our 3 ingredient bar has BEESWAX, which seals in the effective and nourishing coconut oil and shea butter. Beewax makes the bar "hard" but also keeps you from having to re-apply the lotion like you do with liquid lotions. 

But it's what's NOT in the lotion bar that makes it work so well: No WATER. Water as an ingredient means you need added preservatives and additives that also tend to irritate the skin. 

How do I use it? Simply rub the bar over your skin, place the bar back into the tin, and rub in until fully absorbed. You'll notice a difference immediately, but you'll especially love that you still feel soft the next morning. 

Is it for all-body use?  Beesilk Lotion Bars are ideal for hands and feet (especially the cracks in your heels). We have a softer version of Beesilk for more skin mass called Beesilk Jr. Find it here

Why is it better than liquid lotion?  No more greasy, highly fragranced lotion necessary. This bar is scent-free, and is also free of preservatives and additives that can irritate the skin. Only 3 ingredients!

Solid at room temperature, the Beesilk hard lotion bar is designed to specifically protect and smooth over dry, cracked skin.

We also have refill packs!

Ships within 3-5 business days. 

Ingredients: 76 degree coconut oil, unbleached beeswax, naturally refined shea butter.

Other Sizes: Find them here.

Pocket size (.71 oz) 

Full Size Refill Box (2 oz) 2 Bars, No Tin

Stick (.5 oz)

Find Beesilk Jr here (a slightly softer version for more sensitive skin)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

Loved the lotion bar ! I have really dry feet so this has helped a lot !

Carol Davis. Nik mmm

My hands and feet are finally soft! They're cheering! Convenient and easy to use.

Anita DeMark Bowman
Love it

Soft hands finally ! Love this product ! Also love how easy it is to apply directly where needed and carry in my purse without worrying about leaking

Twyla Ready
Beyond excited

I am beyond excited about my Beesilk, because I work in the elements of North Western Florida at times my Beesilk offers me the protection I need for my skin. I will be a continued happy customer 😀

Krista Smith

I love this lotion! It feels great knowing I’m using only natural ingredients on my skin. Thank you for keeping it simple.

So convenient and smooth

This lotion is so fun and addicting to put on, and it really moisturizes my skin without leaving it greasy. The lotion bar stays intact in the tin, and it has not melted, although I haven't left it anywhere hot such as in my car. This product would be so great for traveling, since you cannot bring liquids and creams in a carry on. I also love how it is natural and chemical free.

Sherry Fletcher
I love this product!

I have been using it for about two weeks. I liked it enough to order several of the travel size to give to friends. My hands are extremely dry as i garden and cook a lot. I have patches of eczema on my fingers that are showing improvement. The thing i really like about using this hard lotion is it doesn't get under my nails, so the dirt is easy to wash off, unlike normal lotions. Thank you for this wonderful product. oh, i've order the lip balm but haven't used it yet.

Maria Katz
Bee silk hard lotion

Product is ass described. Definitely works very well

Diane Pierce
Love it!

I ordered this bar/lotion just because I seem to be super sensitive to all lotions-and I have spent lots of money on all different types of lotions. I just can't quite figure out what it is that makes my hands itch and break out in dry patches. After using this bar for two nights before bed, I noticed that my hands didn't itch any more and my skin was soft and smooth. So now I use it every night and am very happy with it! Thank you!