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I found love in a lotion bar

This is the second or third time I've ordered lotion bars . I am constantly using them on myself and my husband. They are the only thing that helps his dry cracked skin. We own an auto body repair shop and when he paints he washes his hands in paint thinner so you can just imagine how bad his poor skin is. These lotion bars help A LOT when applied at night before bed. In fact they are the ONLY thing that works and we've tried a bunch of stuff over the 35 years he's been in business

Perfect for sanitized hands

I Love this lotion bar!! I am a cashier and have has chronic dry, cracked hands because of the sanitizer we have at work. I have tried many things to help heal my hands and this lotion bar is the first to actually work!!! My hands don't look flakey and dry anymore! Also I only have to apply after washing my hands, so it is very convenient. I Will purchase again!!

I love this lotion bar and lip balm!

I am surprised at how much I love this lotion bar! It is so smooth and feels so great on my hands, which are chronically dry! Same for the lip balm! I will definitely be ordering this again.

Love the lotion bar!

I wasn't sure what was in the tin--soap? Upon opening it, I found it was a lotion bar, which was amazing and soothing and very moisturizing to my garden rough hands. I love the texture and the handiness of it being in a tin; no lotion caking in the pump then squirting out all over the place! Loved the scent, and the lovely smoothness of my hands. The lip balm was good, too but the lotion bar is the bomb!

Nice way to sample products

I love the lip balm. Very smooth, not sweetened, so I don't lick it off. I'd always wanted to try a lotion bar. Not sure if it's my cold hands but it goes on hard and is rather waxy feeling. It does not trigger my allergies, which many lotions do. I'm hoping it will go on smoother in the summer.