Kerry and Renee Talk Spa Time

Last Saturday, Kerry and I got on Zoom last Saturday morning for an online "spa time."

Relaxing doesn't have to be expensive!

And yet, it's extremely important for your overall health. Stress is a huge contributor to disease and illness. It's so important to control it. (You can find several resources in the UHLB related to relieving stress in your life.)

In the video below, we talk about one of the books in the bundle called DIY Herbal Spa Book by Christine Dalziel. I show Kerry one of the recipes from the ebook that I tried, called Skin Brightening Coffee Polish.

Kerry brings out the point that spa time doesn't have to be spent in the bathroom, but it's an environment you create, even if it's in your office with your favorite chair and your favorite cup of tea with views out the window. Thanks, Chris Dalziel for your reminder and ideas!

Kerry's Definition of Spa Time: Anything that gets you off the hamster wheel of life.

What do you need to do to relax? Be Intentional. Even if it's a "must-do", think about the routine and enjoy the moment. Think about the benefits of what you're doing (sitting outside in the sun for a few minutes). Create a gratitude journal and spend time writing in it once a week.

Kerry also talks about how she uses various MadeOn products (including her Simply Soothing Rash Stick hack, and the best way to use Simply Shea Facial Emollient).

And then Renee takes her turn, sharing her morning routine with MadeOn products.

Come watch our Spa Chat here - we're having a blast!
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