1 Beesilk Bar & Peppermint Lip Balm

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When it comes to dry, cracked skin and fingers and heels that split and crack from hard work, the Beesilk hard lotion bar is your easy, long-lasting fix. No more greasy and smelly lotion necessary. This bar has almost no scent (other than the slight scent of beeswax), and is also void of preservatives and additives that can irritate the skin. Only 3 ingredients!

Solid at room temperature, the Beesilk hard lotion bar is designed to specifically protect and smooth over dry, cracked skin.

.71 oz bar in tin.

The peppermint lip balm nourishes chapped lips and adds a Zing! from the peppermint scent.

Peppermint Lip balm: .15 oz in tube

Lotion Bar Ingredients: 76 degree coconut oil, unbleached beeswax, naturally refined shea butter.

Peppermint Lip Balm Ingredients76 degree coconut oil, unbleached beeswax, naturally refined shea butter, peppermint essential oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
helping my dry hands

I keep a tin near the kitchen sink and use after washing the dishes, especially if i forget to put on my gloves. My hands are less dry and not so rough. I love that my hand s do not feel oily after i use it, just softer. I have put one in my purse and gave one to my sister.

New habits

So different to have a bar of lotion...in a non plastic container..I like it!
Taking it to the gym too.


The Beesilk bar has been such a blessing. I received the bar in January in the middle of winter. Usually during winter my hands and lips are so dry and cracked. The Beesilk bar soothed by skin and the softness of my skin last hours. The best part is that your fingers are not oily or sticky after putting on the lotion. The lip balm is so soothing and stays on a long time!

Love the lipbalm

Received the hard lotion bar and lip balm a week ago and really like the peppermint lip balm. Getting used to a hard lotion and it seems to last much longer than the liquid. Thanks for letting me try them

Great products

The lotion bar kept my hands protected and moisturized even after washing them. The lip balm was just the right amount of pepperminty. Thanks for letting me try your products.