Homesteading Family's Top Picks

josh and carolyn pantry chat homesteading family

You already know that you're in great hands with Josh and Carolyn Thomas guiding you.

We're here to take care of those hands that work the homestead, plant the seeds, harvest the food that creates amazing meals, and provide nourishment for your family.   We'll even teach you how to make some of our products for your own family if you have the time.

Carolyn's go-to product to keep her hardworking hands soft is our Beesilk lotion bar (and Frank & Ylang when it's in season).

Josh's new go-to shampoo is our Shampoo Bar, along with our Second Life Hair Butter, which he uses to tame his beard.

Both Josh and Carolyn use Bug Block when the bugs are out. 

Find Homesteading Family Favorites Below: