Collection: Joybilee Farm's Top Picks

chris dalziel of joybilee farm recommends Madeon Skin CareChris D of Joybilee Farm is not just a great fan of MadeOn, I'm a big fan of Chris!
I have her book The Beeswax Workshop and was so excited to have access to this fantastic book of beeswax recipes. 
Chris has been purchasing our products for years. Here's her review of a few of them:

I use my hands all day, typing, gardening, cleaning. They can get dry and chapped from all the hand washing. Lotion bars seal in the moisture and help my skin heal faster. Oh, and if you have rough elbows, these work to soothe and heal them faster than anything else I've tried.

I also love the purity of the ingredients that Renee uses when she makes her products. My husband has eczema due to a severe wheat allergy. I just found out that vitamin E can be sourced from wheat germ. I had no idea. Thankfully, all Renee's products are wheat free. One thing I don't have to worry about with Made On products. I'm a customer for life.

Here are more of Chris' top picks: