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Kasandrinos Family

Welcome Kasandrinos Fans!

Since you found us through the Kasandrinos Family of Olive Oil Lovers, we know you're all about premium quality ingredients made into products that are fresh.

That's exactly what we're about, too.

Not only do we sell amazing, effective products specifically for dry skin, but we also teach people how to make some of the products that we sell.  (Here's an example of how to make Olive Oil Lotion Bars.)

If you don't have time to make your own skin care, may we suggest you first try our Beesilk Lotion Bar? The 3-ingredient lotion bar is what fixed founder Renee Harris' skin of splits, cuts, and dryness on contact. From there, you'll love all of our lip balms, specially made for chapped lips, our 3-ingredient Simply Soothing Rash Cream, and so much more. 

Make sure to add a sample to your order! We're confident you'll love it and will return for more.

Below are some of the Kasandrinos Team's Top Pics: