Collection: Katie's Top Picks

Katie Kimball Loves MadeOn's Simply SheaKatie Kimball and I go way back!
Fun fact: in 2009, she pit our Beesilk bars up against another lotion to see which would make hands soft and smooth.
If you know Katie, she's a stickler with her product reviews. She's transparent about her opinions and I might have been extremely worried.
But we passed! With flying colors, I might add. That was over 10 years ago and Katie continues to purchase our lotion bars as gifts for teachers as well as her family. 

"I've used allllll the MadeOn products for years but just discovered the Simply Shea when my face went crazy it's my NEW favorite, not replacing all my OLD favorites though! We get pocket bars and lip balms for teachers and auntie every Christmas!" -Katie Kimball

Here are some of Katie's Favorites: