Collection: Massabesic's Top Picks

swim team of girls in pool

Welcome to the Massabesic Swim Team Fundraiser Shop! 

We're excited to support the swim team by donating 20% of your purchase to the team.

Plus! There's a gift for you - make sure to try out a "freebie" below.

Here are some products we think you should try:

The Athletic Collection is the perfect collection for swimmers!
  • The Bee Cool is great for sore muscles after long workouts, and it won't wash off in the pool!
  • The Foot Rub stick is perfect to put on before leaving the locker room. The essential oil blend will help protect your feet from any fungus on the pool deck, and keep your feet nice & soft.
  • The Bee Silk Bar can be used before practice to protect your skin from the chlorine, or after to keep your skin from drying out. The collection comes in a nice little bag, easy to find in your swim bag!
Travel Skin Care Box is great for swim bags! You never have to worry about bottles exploding all over your stuff ever again!

Here are your coaches' top picks:

Coach Chamberlain has used MadeOn products for almost a decade now & she loves them all! If she had to pick just one it would be the scented hard lotion Bee Silk bars. You can use them for everything! Lips, hands, feet, or any dry patch. Orange Cocoa is uplifting, Lavender is perfect for bedtime, and the Grapefruit-Lavender is perfect for swim meets; it gives you a calm, focused energy.
Coach Robinson loves the unscented family size Bee Silk bar. It's great on her arms & legs. She is very sensitive to scented products, so she likes that there is nothing in this bar to irritate her skin.