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We're happy to have Purpose Driven Mompreneurs visit us here at MadeOn. 

As a mom of 9, I know that one tool moms often neglect is THEIR HANDS. We're excited to present a gift to you that is made to keep your hard-working hands soft and healthy.

We use only the simplest, most effective ingredients necessary to get the job done.

This means that for the members of your family who are prone to allergies and even mild skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, we've got you covered. 

Use the $15 coupon code you received from the Purpose Driven Mompreneur Summit and apply it to any of these packages: 

Use the Beesilk Lotion Bar on hands and feet that are so extremely dry, they are prone to cracks and splits. The lotion bar absorbs on contact and leaves your skin soft and smooth.

For those suffering from mild eczema, our Beesilk Jr (found in the Beesilk Variety Package) will give immediate relief to itchy and problematic skin.

Or, opt for the 5 pack of Beesilk bars, one for each family member.

Your coupon code can be applied to any of the products below, but feel free to shop beyond this page to add other products to your cart.