Collection: The Eczema Expert's Top Picks

Rebecca Bonneteau "Eczema Expert", N.D.'s Top Picks

rebecca the eczema expert endorses madeon skin care beesilk productsRebecca: "They are great products with simple ingredients that we are confident in recommending while our clients are working to be cream free!" 
I was so excited to find Rebecca through one of our customers whose daughter's eczema was greatly helped with Rebecca's guidance. 
Rebecca has struggled with eczema and other skin issues so she takes a deep investigative look at the core issues of what could be triggering the skin condition in her clients. 
We reached out to Rebecca as a resource we can point people to. We know that although our products help relieve some of the pain and discomfort of eczema, it's not always a fix. There's always an underlying cause that lotions, creams and emollients can't cure. 
Find Rebecca at and in the meantime, we're thrilled that Rebecca wholly endorses our products to use alongside her protocol of curing eczema from the inside out.