Collection: Travel

Our products are perfect for travel. In fact, if you wanted to keep your skincare products scaled down as much possible so that you could travel lightly, you could do the following:

Take your Lavender Roller Bottle as both a perfume, bug bite relief, headache relief and sleep aid.

Pack your Simply Soothing Rash Cream for rash, sun protection, or acne (can dry out oily skin)

Our Tinted Lip Balm can also be used as a blush. Simply swipe a bit on your cheek and use a makeup sponge to blend in.

BeeCool Muscle Relief balm does just that with sore muscles, but also clears up the sinuses, making it perfect for travel. Try it to relieve headaches as well.

Forgot your Natural Lip Balm? Swipe the Beesilk Lotion Bar over your lips to bring relief to chapped lips.