Collection: Heavenly Homemaker's Top Picks


Laura of Heavenly Homemakers Endorses MadeOn Hard Lotion BarsWelcome, Heavenly Homemaker Readers!

Laura and I have been long-time friends both in the business and mom world.  We first met online in 2011 when she wrote about us in her blog:

"I have recently begun a relationship with Renee from MadeOn Skin Care Products and I’m not sure who is more excited…me or my hands."

I went back to read more on that 2011 blog post:

"NOTHING has ever worked this well for my dry, cracked hands. In fact for as long as I can remember, my hands have cracked and bled every winter, for the entire winter. It’s miserable, and while I try to keep coconut oil or chemical free lotion on them, it’s never been enough to really help. After thirty+ winters of painfully cracked hands, I really had given up on ever having relief. You just get used to it, you know?"

"I’ve been so used to product after product just sort of giving me a short time of relief without really offering any kind of healing. When I rubbed on the BeeSilk Lotion Bar, right away my hands felt great.  Not only are my hands not dry, cracked and bleeding…they are SOFT."

Here are some of Laura's favorites: